Pilot Exam – Air Law

In this exam there are 25 questions and the maximum score is 25.

Q1. Which of the following is the correct aeronautical chart symbol for an Aerodrome Traffic Zone?

a). b)
c) d)

Q2. Which of the following is the correct aeronautical chart symbol for a Danger Area?

a) b)
c) d)

Q3. Radios for the use of gliders must be of the following type:


Q4. To use a radio when flying gliders the pilot must:


Q5. The 1:250,000 topographical air chart has a scale of about:


Q6.Which airspace is controlled by Air Traffic Control:


Q7. What are the VMC minima when flying in Class F airspace below FL100 but above 3,000ft AMSL.


Q8. In certain circumstances it is permissible to fly in uncontrolled airspace(F&G) in IMC conditions and under IFR. What must the pilot be mindfull of:


Q9. Flight Levels are governed by the International Standard Atmposphere setting of:


Q10. There is a risk of collision if:


Q11. Night time, for the rules of the air, is classified as being between:


Q12. You are on a converging course with another glider at the same height as you on your left hand side. You should:


Q13. Red and green projectiles fired from the ground at 10 second intervals mean that the pilot is:


Q14. Lower Airspace meets Upper Airspace at:


Q15. Which of the following aeronautical chart symbols shows an abandoned airfield?

a) b)
c) d)

Q16. Which of the following aeronautical chart symbols marks an Area of Intense Aerial Activity (AIAA)?

a) b)
c) d)

Q17. Formation flying is permitted as long as:


Q18. An aircraft flying in sight of the ground is following the course of a railway line. The pilot must keep the railway line on which side of the aircraft?


Q19. An aircraft must not fly closer than 500ft to any person, vessel, vehicle or structure except for the purpose of:


Q20. At a site that has one area for landing and taking off, such as Perranporth, which of the following aircraft has right of way?


Q21. You are planning on undertaking a cross country flight and the lower levels of airspace along your flight path are defined by altitudes. You altimeter should be set to:


Q22. While on an epic cross country flight you realise that you have inadvertently entered a Prohibited Area. Unless instructed otherwise you must:


Q23. The figure ‘2.9’ on the following chart denotes:


Q24. The air chart symbol below for Little Rissington shows a:


Q25. The air chart symbol below shows:


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