Bulletin February 2013

Club Meeting

The next Club meeting is Thursday 14th March at St. Rumon’s.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Read the minutes of the AGM and the January meeting here.

Photo Competition

This Months Winner was taken by Fergie.

Evening glow

Evening glow

Quotation of the Month

For the bedridden ones among us…

” I enjoy convalescence. It’s the part that makes illness worthwhile”  George Bernard Shaw


Bill Gets Better

Bill at Home






















It was good to see Kaz and Phippsy and I have good news that the hospital doesn’t want to see me until 17th April when I have to go for a scan and general check up to make sure all is well.

I am improving slowly and please convey my thanks to everyone for the many texts, cards and emails that I have received— in particular very supportive emails from Michel.

From my point of view Iam lucky that I don’t have any heart disease as such— the problem I had was an “ascending aortic aneurysmal tear” . This was repaired with a piece of Dacron !! The surgeon said that given time I should get back to being reasonably active again– I do hope so. Iam doing 2 x 15 minute walks per day and do feel as if I am improving slowly.

All the best to you and all the guys and gals— hopefully see you all in the summer. Bill N


Patrick Gets Better

I’m back home, wearing a bloody uncomfortable brace whenever I stand up – at least I am able to stand up! Laying on my back most of the time getting bored out of my tree there are only so many Youtube clips or episodes of Top Gear that you can watch. So it’s a race with Bill as to who can get into the air first, wish him well for me! Patrick B.

See Patrick’s  description of his incident, below.

Wanda Summers

Former member Wanda is planning to take part in a 7 day 167 mile race  at the Grand Canyon in North America

See the course and the details here. See Wanda’s website here.

February Meeting

An interesting Meeting this month as you will see from the minutes. Personally I have to thank the members who proposed and voted for me for the Adventure Sports Trophy. This was awarded (I think) mainly for my work on the Bulletin and for dissemination of news, messages, gossip and the confused outpourings of the hugger mugger world of safety officer. There were other more worthy nominations. The work on the bulletin means that I stand blinking in the limelight of notariety, whilst other people’s contribution to the club is less obvious. A lot of people spend a lot of time behind the scenes to keep your club functioning, they all deserve a trophy.





Steve and Steve exchange the cup and effeminate handshakes.


Phippsy gets the XC trophy (again) but he’ll have a bit more competition next year.


Michel and Phippsy plan XC strategy for the coming months.


Barry H looks sheepish and embarrassed after being caught drinking a  spritzer ( he already took the little umbrella out)


Some of the older members fake rigor mortis when they know it’s their turn to buy the drinks.


The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here. The link to Skywings magazine is here. Download the new BHPA Elementary Training Guide here.

Safety Issues

To ALL pilots, novice, intermediate and those with hundreds of hours (particularly the last category),

As you may know I am flat on my back with two broken vertebrae and a broken sternum. Given the circumstances I am incredibly lucky; I could be facing the rest of my life paralysed from mid-chest down – wheel chair bound, incontinent, no sex life, and my life and expectations limited beyond belief. As it is I should make a full recovery as long as I don’t do anything silly during my recuperation. This all due to a couple of seconds of lack of thought.

I don’t think I am bragging when I say that I have a great deal of experience, a reasonable degree of ability as a pilot and am conservative when flying.That has actually nothing to do with what happened at Perranporth. To go back a long way back in my flying career I made several mistakes and had several ‘incidents’, most if not all of these involved a specific manoeuvre: taking off, landing, joining a thermal and such definable sequences of action. Almost without exception when one of these manoeuvres went tits up it was because I went into it without really considering what I was going to do apart from just do it, I had done it many times before so, what was there to worry about? That is exactly what happened at Perranporth:- “Yeah, I’ll take off from here, why not? Run a bit, take off and do the ridge run, no problem.” There were several factors that I had not considered or were about to act on.

1. I was not far enough away from the lip to warrant a long determined run.

2. I was not on the lip to fly away pulling on as I took off.

3. Most important of all I didn’t think of the single most important aspect in this case; glider attitude – keeping the nose of the glider trimmed in.

So, not bearing these things in mind I wafted off with the wing on the edge of a stall. Also I had not considered my position relative to where the windsock and people were. They were pretty much in front of my right wing resulting in a slightly reduced wind speed over that wing, not enough to worry about in normal circumstances but when very close to the stall anyway, me not trimming in to make the glider lift me off the ground, it was enough to reduce the lift on that wing to put me into an unrecoverable semi-stalled turn. The result being me, flat on my back for the next five to eleven weeks and pissing into a bottle and, well I won’t go into any more detail, suffice to say it is both frustrating and humiliating in equal measure.

To sum up into two ‘must dos’:-

1. Before doing any manoeuvre, particularly when close to the ground or anything hard, go through that manoeuvre thoroughly in your mind so you know what you are going to do BEFORE you do it.

2. When taking off, RULE 1 then always trim in, run and run until the glider pulls you off the ground, under no circumstances jump into the air nor should you push the bar out until you have good flying speed and away from the hill.

I have been extremely lucky given my stupidity so learn from my mistake and don’t repeat what I have done. Safe flying for you all, Patrick B.



Success In Australia


Hello All, I thought I would drop you a line with a recent PB and result I had at the Manilla XC Open Camp 2013 in OZ.

8th Feb 2013 Epic flight today that took me 6 hours 10 minutes to fly 114kms. Took off 12:09 landed 18:19 Lots of blue holes, had to make it count today so patience and some early gaggle flying early on, then it was on my own for the rest of the way. …A couple of low saves max height 2484 metres. The best part was being picked up by some pilots flying EN D gliders with pods. They were all discussing their high performance wings and then asked me what I was flying a look of amazement when I said a 1-2 no pod. A great day, my finger tip was numb holding the toggle hard all day. Take off altitude was 875m landing altitude was 1432m. Saw one big full frontal on a comp glider and my GF filmed a reserve ride. All batteries flat charging up now ready for the next one ….:-)))

This flight helped me win the 1st place in the 1-2 class at the Manilla Open XC Camp 2013.

See my video of the day here, and a few more i have uploaded since are here. Tony Nelson


Flying In Morocco

Hi all,

the flying in Morocco is pretty good and generally a daily occurrence though I have only flown for around 20 or so hours the past couple of weeks as I have been sightseeing as well.

There are quite a few sites around but they are some distance apart, the 2 sites I have flown are the beach at Aglou Plage and a place/take off called Nigel’s Nest which, oddly enough, is owned by an English paraglider pilot called Nigel, (I call him other things as well) and is right next to a French paragliders take off which is called Nid de Aigle (nest of eagle).

Nigel does full board (and you won’t go hungry) for 30 euros a night which aint bad considering you wake up and walk straight out on to the take off, the accommodation is morocconic and brand new with en suite marble shower/toilet, there are 4 rooms/huts/chalets/sheds (not sure what to call them) 3 with 2 beds and 1 with 4 beds so max 10 people.

He also arranges your authorisation to fly with the Moroccan aviation authorities.

To get to Nigel’s you’d need a flight to Agadir then hire a car for the duration, you could get a taxi for about £30 but if you hire a car you can get out and about and see some of morocco which is pretty cool, (actually its bloody hot).

As a by the by I haven’t had any problems with begging or harassment of any kind and have only been shown kindness and generosity from the many Moroccans I have met, tho that may be due to the rags I wear.

If anyone is interested Nigels email address is nigel@paraglidemorocco.com

Disclaimer: I am not earning any commission nor do I fancy the bloke I am just giving some info on flying in Morocco.

fly high, land soft, stay safe, Mike Clelford



The yearly reserve re-pack was held at Carnmoggas on Sunday 17th Feb. Directing the proceedings were Bill Morris and Greg Emms and 15 members attended.  There were no dramas when the members threw their reserves, they all operated correctly, but Steve Warner was advised to replace his ageing parachute, so he promptly donated it to Bill for training purposes. The day followed the usual format of a generic packing demonstration followed by lunch , a video presentation, safety advice and anecdotes all garnished with jokes as old as Raymond. There was a good atmosphere with members walking around observing and helping others with their packing. despite this being his umteenth re-pack, Alan Knight  was as confused as ever about what was going on, but Mike Cowley sorted him out. Nice to see a few members at their first re-pack and I’m sure they learned something about  the importance of having a working reserve and how important it is to make a quick decision and deployment. Thanks to Nigel Waller for organizing and to Paula Gigg and Carnmoggas for the use of the venue and the food. Thanks to the members who supported this re-pack. It takes a lot of organisation.

We hope to organize a zip wire for the next re-pack that will be more realistic in our practice deployments. If we are able to find a venue and get rigged up we will need better support than we had this year. The £15.00 fee from the attending members only just covered the costs incurred.  If we are to provide the club with a re-pack facility with a zip wire next year we will need a better attendance from the members or we will have to increase the cost. SM

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I was sitting quietly at home the other evening when the wife said she fancied something hot and saucy in the kitchen. I wasn’t quite so keen, but I got the meat out anyway, and while she began preparing it, my mind wandered to the formation of the word Paraglider. Now you all know that Paraglider is derived from Parachute, and, of course you all know that Parachute is made up of the Old French words Parare and Chute. Literally ‘protection from falling’. Just as Parados, Parapet Parasol, Parapluie, etc are protection from the back, the front, the sun and the rain etc. From Parachute it’s just a short step to Paratrooper, Paraglider, Paramotor Parascend and Parasail.

The prefix ‘Para’ has many different meanings. Some are peculiar to the sciences. The most common meanings of the term are 1) Beside, alongside, analogous to, such as Paramilitary. 2) Beyond the norm as in Paradox. 3) faulty or abnormal as in Paranoid. 4) To prepare as in Parade. But some words have a completely unique prefix meaning.

There are lots of words with the ‘Para’ prefix that can be associated with the sport. The wing is basically a Parabolic shape and flying at Vault on a good day is just Paradise. The way a wing flies can be described by drawing a Parallelogram of Forces. You need lots of Paraphernalia with you. Safety is Paramount, we should all be Paragons of excellence, be the Club’s Paradigm of the perfect pilot. You may want to go to Paraguay to fly with Parakeets. If you have an accident, maybe by flying outside you or your wing’s safe Parameters, you may be attended to by a Paramedic. In a really bad crash you may end up Paralysed, a Paraplegic, certainly Paracetamol will not help in that case. You may turn to the Paranormal, a parapsychologist or your Paramour for guidance. You may become Paranoid about flying again, so you may decide to be a Paralympian instead. You would sit and relate the Parable of what went wrong that day.

Time for the last Paragraph. If I may now Paraphrase what my old Dad said to me when I was young. “ Son, don’t drink Paraffin or Paraquat, don’t be a Parasite and remember the Paralax effect of the GoPro camera” SM


Forthcoming Events

Club Coach Course

At posting  time there was 2 places left on the Club  Coach Course. Contact Adie for details. Contact me if you don’t have his number or look on the contacts page on the website.

Air Ambulance Runway Runaround

The Runway Runaround in support of the Cornwall Air Ambulance will be held on 24th March 2013 at RAF St Mawgan. If you cannot attend please make an effort to make a donation as penance. Give your donation to a club member who will be going on the run, or come to the event as a spectator.. The link to the Runway Runaround website is here.

Link to the Air Ambulance’s website here.

Pilot Lectures Pilot lectures are open to all Club Rated pilots regardless of how many hours they  have logged. We cover Air Law, Theory of Flight and Meteorology. We usually meet once a week for a two hour session. Each subject is covered over two sessions with a revision and mock exam on the last two.  So, eight evenings in all, then a further night for the exam proper. In the  BHPA Pilot Task book you will find the list of practical  tasks that you will need to complete. Don’t worry about not having completed, or even started, the practical tasks, get your written exam completed and sent in, and do the practical stuff later. We need about ten students, so  get your name down now. Register for the lectures on the Events page. Cost will be £1pp per week which is used for a celebratory buffet after the exam. We have held the pilot lectures at Portreath, if you have any other suggestion for a venue (St Rumon’s?) please let me know.

KHPA XC league 2013

Rules for the Kernow Cross Country Leagues 2013

The competition is open to all pilots, of all abilities and either discipline, and is supposed to be fun, bearing in mind if you are not Pilot rated, you should only be flying XC with a pilot who is Pilot rated.

There will be two individual leagues, one for hang glider flights and the other for paraglider flights, running from January 1st to December 31st.

There will be a trophy awarded for each individual winning pilot.

Scores for the individual league will be calculated from the total score from a maximum of five flights, of which the fifth must be a defined flight (out and return, triangle or flight to goal).

To be eligible for inclusion in the league a flight must have started in Cornwall, and must be registered with me within a month of the flight. Flights must be registered with launch, landing and any intermediate turn point grid references. The minimum distance to qualify is 3 kilometres for a ridge run or 1 Kilometre “over the back”.

Ridge runs will be scored as the mileage (Metreage) flown. For flights where at least 60% of the flight is out of ridge lift (thermalling and gliding) the score will be twice the mileage (Metreage) flown. This is to encourage people to concentrate on thermalling and leaving the ridge. For open distance flights you are allowed to enter up to three intermediate turn points, to allow dog legs, and failed out and returns.

For ridge runs, multiple entries for the same ridge run will not be allowed. If you have entered a score for a ridge run, then do another on the same ridge but go further, you can enter it and it will replace the shorter one.


All new Kernow Team XC competition

Sponsored by Cloud9

This year there will also be a team competition with prizes of a £20 voucher from Cloud9 for each winning team member, supplied by the club and Cloud9.

Teams must be of three pilots, flying either discipline. The object is to encourage less experienced pilots to “go for it” and cut the ties to the ridge, so we ask the experienced pilots to choose which team to join in the spirit of the competition, with the aim of helping their team mates to maximise their mileage( metreage).

There will be no limit to the number of flights entered for the team, subject to the same eligibility as the individual league, and the winning team will be decided by totaling the best three of each pilot’s flights.

Please register teams, with an interesting name, with me (Tim Jones, tel. 01209 832234, e mail: tjtjones@talk21.com) before any flights are entered.


Stop press: We already have two teams entered: Chick and the Dodos, comprising Kaz, Michel and Phippsy. Now there’s a dream team.

The other team, with a provisional title of Phil and the Cloudsuckers (I think he said Cloudsuckers…..), is Phil Lyons, Adie and Wyn. A team from your worst nightmare.

Don’t forget you must  to take a map and altimeter.  A radio, phone, money, drink, food,camera,compass, a GPS may come in useful too.



A second teaser from old editions of Skywings.

Brainteaser 2a brainteaser 2b

Answer at the bottom of the page.

Pilot Profile

Any of you new and/or old members want to do one of these? Just answer the questions, provide a suitably embarrassing picture and have your two minutes of fame.

Age ?

Marital Status?



Previous occupations?

How and when did you start flying?

What Pilots most influenced you?

Where and when was your most memorable flying experience?

What is your favourite flying site in Britain?

What’s your favourite flying site in Europe,

Who do you most admire in the sport ?

What trait do most deplore in yourself?

What trait do you most deplore in other people?

What’s your favourite piece of music?

What is your favourite book?

What is your favourite film?

What’s your greatest fear?

What is your perfect idea of happiness? .

What would your motto be ?

How would like to be remembered?


Add or delete questions if you want.

 Quiz Answer

Answer 2

The End