Bulletin April 2013

Club Meeting

The next Club meeting is Thursday 9th May at St. Rumon’s.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes from the last meeting are here.

Photo Competition

This month’s winner submitted by Tony Nelson (aka Polperro Pilot)  Unlike his distant relation, Horatio, Tony has both arms and eyes, but you’ll have to ask him about the other.  I think this was taken with Tony’s home made chase cam.

Tony at Perran

Tony at Perran

Quotation of the Month

After hearing of the trepidation experienced by some of our members who went on the SIV course, I found this quote.

“Nerves and butterflies are fine- they’re a physical sign that you’re mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that’s the trick”   Steve Bull, sports psychologist


Steve Penaluna Trophy

Three nominations for the trophy, which will be voted on at the May meeting.

The names are ( in no particular order, but actually having just reviewed it, it is in alphabetical order, and the citations are in descending size order, and the nominees are in decending order of baldness), so in some particular order…..

Adie Chirgwin nominated by Andy R. The description of Steve Penaluna is that he was always willing to push the boundaries, try out new things and help others. Adie embodies all of these qualities. His enthusiasm for, and love of, flying since gaining his CP is infectious.Adie is passionate about our sport and wants to be the best that he can be. To this end he is keen to learn from anyone and so avidly listens and absorbs advice and knowledge from a wide range of sources. He is also happy to share his experiences with less-experienced pilots, and has recently passed the pilot examination and attended the club Coach CourseIn a very short time Adie has become a club stalwart and I believe that in time Adie will become an excellent club coach.To summarise, Adie is friendly, approachable, passionate about flying,embodies the qualities that the club should be promoting and would be  aworthy recipient of the Trophy

Alan Knight nominated by Lee knight. I think that the Penaluna trophy should go to Alan Knight.  The reason being , on the Turkey trip, before the course started for the first couple of days he was very nervous. He was even poohing his pants doing simple manoeuvres, like big ears, or turning 90 degrees. However, when the course began, he was very impressive, Jocky Sanderson was complementing him on his wing overs, saying he could see that you practise them a lot (when he never does).  And by the end of the course he had even earned the name of Acro Al. Also, he is dedicated to flying( mainly to get away from the wife), He is always at the club meets and at the fund raising events.I know that perhaps my vote is a little biased, being his son and all, but , he has never won the trophy before and I think that he deserves it.

Kaz Phipps nominated by Paul Howse. Kaz Hang glides, Paraglides , is a TI and a Winchwomen. She is continually stretching herself and pushing the bounds in all aspects of the sport and at the end of the day she goes home to face the dreaded paperwork.

Three very different citations, please mail me with your choice if you can’t attend the meeting.

KHPA Facebook

Ady Rogers has added a feed from the KHPA Facebook account to display on our website under the menu item ‘Chat’ at http://www.khpa.co.uk/?page_id=2913 To use this you will need to have a Facebook account and send a ‘friend request’ to KHPA.KHPA.  Then whenever you send a message to KHPA, which can include photos and videos, it will appear on our website.   If you’d like any help with this please let me know.

Pilot Lectures

The pilot lectures are going well with good attendances, lots of discussion ,and the tutors as well as the students learning all the time.

Their combined brain power wouldn't light a 40 Watt bulb

Their combined brain power wouldn’t light a 40 Watt bulb

The students working out  how to spell their own name

The students working out how to spell their own name

Club Mailing List

The email address list that we use for club communications currently includes all members that joined in 2012 as well as those that have renewed their membership in 2013.  Please note that at the end of June we will review the email distribution list so that only those current members will be included.  This means that if you haven’t renewed your membership this year you will no longer receive club communications.  We will also be reviewing the list of members with access to our website ‘Members Only’ pages and will be removing anyone that has not joined the club this year. If you would to continue to receive club communications via email and be able to access the  ‘Members Only’ pages of the website and you haven’t joined the club this year you will need to do so by 30 Jun 13.  Details of how to join the club, including an online version of the membership form, can be found on the website at http://www.khpa.co.uk/?page_id=1162

Carbis Bay

Carbis Bay site has been ploughed ( or plowed if you are from Kentucky or some other state) so there’s not much room around the normal take off area. There’s a bit of room at the front and around towards the golf course. Paragliders should be OK, but hangies might have to be a bit good to land.

Carbis Take Off ?

Carbis Take Off ?

Bill Northcott

I contacted Bill to see how he was. I had seen on Cloud9 blog that he had been in the tow field. I suggested he may have to  wear a red ribbon again for a while after his return Here’s his reply

“I went to tow field last Weds and did 10 mins ground handling to make sure I hadn’t forgotten how to inflate the wing !!  All went well. I didn’t stay for too long and I must say I was a little tired so possibly not yet ready for flight—- but who knows— with a nice 12 mph smack on the hill you had better get that red ribbon ready

Hope to see you soon   Bill”


Continuing the selection of brain teasers from old Skywings, answer at the bottom of the page.

Brainteaser 4



The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here. The link to Skywings magazine is here. Download the new BHPA Elementary Training Guide here.

Safety Issues

ATZ Infringement

There was a visiting paraglider pilot launching from within the Perranporth ATZ in April. The club has agreed to pass on information the police in any future infringements. The latest CAA prosecutions are here.

Beach Landing

We could have had a paraglider pilot on a speed wing go into the sea at Chapel Porth a couple of weeks ago. The tide was in so there was no beach. Fortunately it all worked out OK, as he landed near the car park. Shaun Williams, the pilot, responded to my question of him of the incident.

“Iwouldnt really class it as an incident as its always an
option to land on the beach!  As you know, cos you were there and saw
me off the hill, just after take off the wind dropped quite markedly
leaving me with the option of slope landing (I had spot earmarked) or
beach.  Unfortunately I left the slope option one beat too long so headed
around the corner along the cliff face and plopped it down on the beach
just in front of the car park, nice glide in, good turn and good landing
until my foot slipped on a wet rock!

Lesson learned – when you decide to slope land do it immediately and don’t faff around!” S.W.


Adie found this site with an online paragliding training manual. Click here.

The met office have a dedicated aviation forecast  that is free to access once you have registered. The link is here.

Forthcoming Events

I Ben Burroughs isorganising a club paragliding holiday in the French Alps. This is open to pilots of all levels from new CPC to XC pilot. The places where we will be flying offer anything from top to bottom, easy thermalling and great XC.  It will be based at my chalets which are 5 minutes from Samoens 1600 local flying site (900m top to bottom with huge landing field and easy takeoff) and not far from several other local sites and better known (to the brits) sites including Chamonix, Meiusy and Annecy. I have a minibus out here for transport and depending on numbers we will rent or drive out another.The price is £250 and includes local transport, chalet accomodation and food. The food will be provided but you will be expected to take it in turns to cook or wash up (it is a semi catered holiday to keep costs down). You can fly out on easyjet from Bristol to Geneva. Flights start from about £29. I will fly out day before and pick you all up from the airport which is only 55 minutes away. Lifts to Bristol can be shared.

Dates will be sometime in June. Let me know your prefered weeks. To have a look at the chalets and photos see http://www.extremechalets.com/ If you are interested in coming please contact me.

Ben…..Email: ben.burroughs@btinternet.com Tel: 01637 831890 Mobile 07554955823


KHPA XC league 2012 as of 24/04/13

Apologies for not getting updates out earlier. After a flurry of early XCs, the weather and flying have gone very quiet, but in February we saw two pilots cut the cord and experience their first XC flights and the team competition get under way. Let’s hope the weather relents soon and sees more of us able to post some scores. Tim Jones


 Hang gliding XC League

Capture 3

Paragliding XC League

Capture 2


Team Competition


Quiz Answer

Answer 4