Bulletin August 2013

Club Meeting

The next Club meeting is  at 20:00 on Thursday 12th September at St. Rumon’s.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes from the last meeting are here.

Photo Competition

The voting on  the photo comp for August was deferred due to the lack of a computer at the meeting.  The voting for both the August and September  winners will take place at the September meeting, but the August winner must have attended the August meeting to collect the cash. Capisce?

Meanwhile, in absence of a photo for this part of the bulletin, I have included one of mine for the cloudspotters among you. Name this cloud type.DSCF0243

Quotation of the Month

Flying may not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price”. Amelia Earhart (1897 – 1937) {whatever happened to her?}


Visiting Pilots

Since the club decided to restrict access to the member only site guides o the website, there has been a definite increase in the number of visitors contacting the club. Whether or not these visitors would have contacted us anyway we’ll never know, but it seems that having to contact us and getting to meet us on site has made their experience better.

Chairman Steve  was contacted by a German pilot, Lucian Haas, about flying our sites, and below are  the emails between him and Steve. The club’s reputation here in the UK and further abroad is enhanced by the visitors experiences. Lucian was helped at Perran by Fergie ( thanks for that)

Hi Steve,
I am Lucian Haas, a pilot from Germany and editor of the (german) blog http://lu-glidz.blogspot.com
The coming week I will stay with my family in YHA Treyarnon for a week. I had planned this as a non flying family holiday. But now I have seen that I could combine both, seaside and flying, on maybe one or two days at Perranporth. The conditions look quite favorable with matching wind direction. I am looking forward to be a guest at this interesting site.
I have read the site guide on your website.
Is there anything special I should have in mind when I go flying there during the week? I suppose that there will be other pilots around due to holiday time.
BTW: What do you mean by “Don’t Forget: Military Freepohone for midweek flying…” Do I have to call that number if I want to fly there during the week?


Hi Lucian,
Thank you for the contact and letting us know that you are Down in ‘sunny’ Cornwall.
Treyarnon is a lovely area and next door to Constantine Bay, the dunes at the top of the beach work really well in a strong westerly, (one of my local spots), great for mini wings also, go and have a look.
Thank you for reading the website for Peranporth, its a really nice site and you will enjoy flying it, when you arrive there make sure you go to reception at the Campsite (perran sands) and get a parking ticket. £4.00 for the day…they have parking security!!!
you will see the take off and landing area very clearly, but introduce yourself to whoever is there flying, we are a friendly club, any advice/questions you have just ask the guys and they will help you out.
Its a fun site, you can work the dunes ‘down low’ for skimming or soar the entire ridge.
Don’t worry about the Military flying number if you re Perranporth, its only really for XC or when we flying near the military base in Falmouth, you may see the Rescue Helicopter at Perranporth, so be aware or rotor wash and give it allot of space.
There is a small airfield to the right of Perranporth and we always phone ATC to let them know we are flying, if our guys are flying at Perranporth they ‘should’ have already done this, if not the phone number is on our website.
Hope you have a good time and you get to fly….if you have any problems or questions while you are here you can call me on 07889702879.
I will try to catch up with you sometime this week and show you some of our other sites.

Hi Steve,
I’m having a great time with my family here in Cornwall. Its really a lovely place.
Thanks for your honest welcome and the bunch of information about the options for flying. I took a look at Constantine Bay. Nice dunes. The Wind has not been right until now. But my hope is that tomorrow early morning it could match and the beach will be empty. Later in the day I plan to visit Perran Sands.
which would be the optimal wind speed for flying there and at Constantine?

Hi Lucian,
Perranporth will be the place to go, good wind and big big dunes, wind strength for Perranporth anything from 9mph. it will be very good on friday and sunday.

good luck and have fun.

Hi Steve,

I have had a wonderfull time out at Perranporth yesterday. The Wind was quite strong but perfectly flyable. A nice place for playing around with the wing, practicing approaches etc.

Yesterday morning i was at Constantine Bay. The wind came a bit too cross, it was quite a challenge to soar the dunes. But later on, when the waters receded, I could fly over the concrete wall on the side of the bay. Nice.

Unfortunately we will leave tomorrow. So I won’t have the possibility to meet you on Sunday at Perranporth. Conditions look really good.

Thanks again for your kind informations. Should you ever come to Bonn or Cologne and would like to fly there, I would be happy to show you our little sites there.


Hi Steve,

back in Germany. I mentioned soaring in Cornwall in a recent post of my blog. Your german background should be good enough to get the meaning:

Thanks again,

Lucian’s blog is here.

 Al Knight

A slight mishap has left Alan sofa ridden. Adie saw him and reports ” I went and visited him a few days ago he is doing well he has broke his fib the one one at the back near the ankle will be in plaster for the next 6 weeks or so”
















Al tries to look sexy in his demob issue wartime underwear. Why is his left hand all blurry?


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Hang Gliding…50 Years old!

The following article was submitted by Alan Phipps who, after reading it, realised how much he misses flying, and wants to get back into the air. Well, if Alan can find himself a good flying instructor (or two) to dust of the cobwebs, I hope we will see him in the air soon.

Hang Gliding History010



More Hang Gliding History

Coincidentally, I came across an old book of mine that I got for christmas as a boy, with the following article. The book is “The Lion Book Of How It Works” published by and Copyright of  Fleetway Publications Ltd . Printed 1967 at the cost of 12/6.

Fleep 2

































Event Shelter

Just a reminder  that we have it and  it is available for use of club members, whether that’s at home for functions or on club trips, really easy to put up and the sides can be clipped in or out as needed. Chairman Steve

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Ridge lift..
We all know that we get lift from the wind that blows onto the face of a ridge. The amount of lift is dependent on the strength and direction of the wind, the shape, angle and height of the ridge and some other factors such as turbulent influences, wave and air pressure. But how is lift affected on a day when the wind is slightly off the hill? As the wind hits the hill or ridge, it is forced upwards, and it is in that rising air that we fly. A shallow hill does not force the air upwards like a steep sloping hill does. So on a day when the hill, the atmospheric conditions and the wind strength are the same,  the lift decreases when the wind goes off a little. This is because the effective steepness of the hill is lessened by the wind not being perpendicular to the slope. Just as a road zig zags up a mountain side to reduce the gradient, the wind blowing at an angle to the face of the hill is at a shallower gradient and therefore creates a smaller lift band. SM

KHPA XC league 2013 as of 31/08/13

One or two extra scores to go on the door, and all flown from that mega site, Carn Brea. Wyn Davies is the one to watch, out on every likely looking day, but Lee Knight has also been eager to leave the hill. And he hasn’t got a team yet…Someone make him an offer quick! Tim Jones.














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