Bulletin December 2013

Club Meeting

The next Club meeting is  at 20:00 on Thursday 9th January at St. Rumon’s.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes from the last meeting are here.

Photo Competition

No Photo comp for December, just some photos of Pete Coad



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Message From Angela Coad


Angela, Sharon, Philip and the rest of Pete’s family would like to express their thanks for hosting a wonderful evening at St Rumons Club after the funeral on Thursday evening.  It was a great tribute to a wonderful man, who seemed to go out of his way to help others.  He will be sadly missed by so many, not least us as his family.

As Pete would say “If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space”  So get out there and do things. Safe Flying.

Many Thanks



Pictures from the night at St Rumon’s 

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Quotation of the Month

Don’t know if this is a quotation, a proverb or an adage or any other synonym you can name, I just find it funny.

“If you empty your bowels at night, a shepherd will have a red face in the morning.” Ivor Cutler ( aka Buster Bloodvessel in The Magical Mystery Tour )


XCSoar A few members have now downloaded the app to their phones. Perhaps we could pool our knowledge and learn from each other. Download XCSoar here. They recommend the Dell Streak5 to run the app, and although they are no longer made, you can still get new ones on Ebay, see here.

Christmas Do Kernow Christmas Party Capers   Friday the 13th  (Oh no what have we done) saw the Kernow Christmas Party take place at Tricky Dickies where the faithful duly assembled at 19.30 . Numbers were down on previous years with a few being away but it was still good to see the regulars and some new ones along for a bit of social, eating,dancing and high jinks.


A fun evening was had with the dance floor getting a fair pounding by some of the group, the squeaky balloons doing the rounds and Steve W getting the ideal gift from his cracker 🙂

 image003  image004

The highlights of entertainment for some was Phippsy legging it into the men’s with camera in hand only to find that Wyn had stopped off on the way to chat leaving Phippsy looking highly suspicious as he burst in to the occupied gents.


Still Kaz was delighted with the result and sally looked pretty impressed as well.   Next year the thought is to go for a January Party with a bigger dance floor and hopefully we can more on it.   Thank you to Adie for arranging it and telling us again about the fluorescent knickers as only Adie can. Phippsy


Carn Brea I was contacted by a lady called Anne Lenten, here is the correspondence. The Carn Brea Protection Group have just opened a Facebook page and we want to invite you and your members of the Kernow Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association to visit and LIKE our page, if you will? You may enjoy the photos we post and would be glad if you have any to share, showing the Carn. All the best. Anne Lenten Admin. Carn Brea Protection Group Anne Lenten <lentencat@btinternet.com>; Hello Anne Thank you for the information, I will include it in our monthly Club Bulletin. If any of our members have photos, I will pass them on to you. Carn Brea is one of the few inland sites we have. Most of our sites are on the coast and we fly them in moderate winds. Carn Brea is a site where we rely mainly on thermals, so we usually fly in light winds and try to get enough height to fly away. It is a difficult place to take off and fly, and usually ends up in a landing in the fields at the bottom or, even worse, the gorse. If any of your group are interested in flying, please contact me and I can give them some details. We have a training school associated with the club that operates at Illogan. Paragliding, in particular, is a sport that is straight forward for anyone to learn, we have many female pilots , our oldest pilot is 87, sovirtually anyone can give it a go. Regards. Steve McIlduff Hello Stephen, Thanks for your reply, I’ll look forward to some Likes and posts from your members. I will pass on the information about the club opportunities to the Group. As I’ve always lived nearby, I’ve often observed the challenge the Carn presents for pilots. Realising that it was once a cliff on the ancient coastline, it’s not surprising. Carn Brea such a precious resource for the diverse range of users, that its status as being worthy of protection against unwarranted change, is something we all have in common. Regards, Anne Please visit the site and support the group. If you have any photos of Carn Brea, preferably taken at 1,000′ + ATO, please send them to me and I will pass them on.    SM

New Website for pilots.

Chris W passed this on to me for your information. Dear KHPA I made a huge effort to create a place for Aviators, with learning materials, handbooks, pilot’s operating handbooks, flying tips etc. This place is called Learn&Fly – pilot’s knowledge box, and you will find it here. This is a good knowledge base for both pilots, student pilots and instructors. Feel free to use all knowledge collected there. I’d realy appreciate if you could tell your aviation friends about Learn&Fly. I’ll also be very thankful if you place a link to my website on the website of your flight club or any other aviation website. I’ll do my best to upload new knowledge on my website regulary and deliver new knowledge for you and your aviation friends. Best regards! Mike http://learnandfly.com

Flybubble YouTube page

Flybubble have quite a few instructional videos on YouTube, visit their page here.

GPS Location Below are some links to gps location for smartphones. Devon Air Ambulance Trust app here from Google, works in Cornwall too. Other Google aps here Apple have similar apps too.

December meeting The meeting was held at the Classic Airforce Museum  St Mawgan. There was a good turnout and after the meeting we were left to wander around the exhibits. Raymond came across a few aircraft and engines he knew well from his time in the RAF. Daisy was ecstatic, photographing everything in sight, and there was a queue to sit in the pilot seats of the VC10.   Below are photos taken by me and Wyn.

DSCF0394 - Copy















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2013-12-10 19.53.35


2013-12-10 19.18.15
2013-12-10 19.18.02
2013-12-10 19.17.45


2013-12-10 19.17.09
2013-12-10 19.16.09
2013-12-10 19.15.55


2013-12-10 19.13.26
2013-12-10 19.13.09
2013-12-10 19.12.37


2013-12-10 19.12.33
2013-12-10 19.10.59
2013-12-10 18.32.18-1


2013-12-10 18.32.06
2013-12-10 18.31.54
2013-12-10 18.31.44


Our oldies Friday 6th December and we had three of our oldest pilots in the air at Chapel Porth in the form of Raymond (born 1925), John W (born 1933) and Bill N (born 1941).  Nigel E  (born 1938) was around earlier in the day, but left before the flying began. This means our four oldest flying pilots ( all on paragliders you notice) have a combined age of 300 years.


Old men behaving badly

Old men behaving badly

John W again

John at Chapel Porth

John at Chapel Porth

Just before Christmas My wife and I (does that make me sound like Columbo?) went to Trerice for a meal.  There was a trio playing , and who should be playing the saxaphone but our friend John Woolhams. Nigel E had told me John was always playing sheet music, which I thought was some kind of Mexican Euphemism, but it turns out that John is a very accomplished player. He was well supported not only by his inguinal truss, but by Terry on drums with Roger on his organ ( yes, I meant that to sound rude). if you go to one of the National Trust  jazz nights ,your meal is enhanced (or ruined depending on your point of view) by their funky playing.The ‘Atlantic View Trio’ site is here.


When Pete Coad was safety officer, he was keen to experience as many incidents as he could. After his spectacular acrobatic manoeuvres at St Agnes, he contributed the following to the  December 2010 bulletin. Read it well, its good advice, I couldn’t have written it better myself.


INCIDENTS AND ACCIDENTS Can they be avoided? YES, YES, YES! 2010 was a very bad year in the SW for accidents, the sad death of a pilot in Devon, coupled with hospitalisation and a number of broken bones in Cornwall. Just as concerning are the number of narrow escapes that I keep hearing about, some of which are amusing and we have a good laugh about, but I can assure you that there’s nothing funny about staring at a hospital ceiling or even worse, a black tie. So what are the dangers and how can we improve our safety record? I believe that perhaps different pilots are faced with different dangers; let me explain. When I first started flying, over 25 years ago, I thought that I was a lot better than I actually was: over confidence. I then moved on to competition flying and my desire to win was greater than my thoughts of safety, thankfully only resulting in broken gliders and an empty wallet; I was very, very lucky. More recently, as I have demonstrated, complacency has been my enemy and I was not quite so lucky this time. So how about we all look in the mirror and be honest with ourselves, and also watch our friends, as we can often see something in others that we cannot see in ourselves. Are you guilty of any of the following? Flying the wrong glider (size or performance); flying in the wrong conditions, (too windy, too light, too thermic etc); flying the wrong site (gone to Perran, should be at Chapel); not assessing the weather conditions correctly and monitoring changes (wind going off the hill, squall coming in); not keeping a good look out for other pilots, not just when flying but also at take off and landing; not asking for, or taking, advice; failing to make a flight plan, or unable to modify it if conditions change; making poor decisions when you are flying… The list could go on but I’m sure that you are getting the message: please, please be cautious out there and have a safe 2011. Best regards, Pete Coad. (Yes I know, poacher turned gamekeeper and ‘he should know better’ spring to mind, and you would be right.)

XC League

KHPA XC league 2013 final score


Not a classic XC year, I’m afraid. After a promising start, with lots of enthusiasm and a positive attitude, the weather seemed to give up the ghost, and it was only Wyn who maintained his drive on the paragliding front. He was out scoring points at every opportunity, socongratulations to him on taking the PG XC trophy this year.

On the hang gliding front it was even more disappointing,except of course for the ever present Phippsy. He was the only one to score any points for the hang gliders, but doing it in style, with two brilliant flights that have never been recorded before; one tracking almost south west from St Agnes all the way to the sea breeze near Goldsithney, then along the front towards Penzance, the second being a triangle from St Agnes, being the first ever flex wing to fly out to the rocks Man and His Man and back again. Well done to him too, for always finding new ways to put the rest of us to shame!

Let’s hope 2014 will see a few more of us get out for some serious flying, and score some decent points. TJ

Paragliding XC


Hang Gliding XC


Team Event



Frostbite Keep your eye on the webpage for the latest proposed dates, but at the moment it looking like the 18th and 19th January.

French Trip With Ben Club Paragliding and Hang gliding trip to French Alps Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd June 2014 at my chalets. Price includes Local transport, Chalet accommodation, food and beer / wine with diner (breakfast & diner – but you will be expected to cook/ washup one night/ breakfast). Price £295. You can fly to Geneva or drive. More details see www.extremechalets.com or contact Ben on 07554955823 or email ben.burroughs@btinternet.com . It is suitable for all levels of pilot from first flights to XC. I will be arranging ex French team guides for XC trips at small extra cost shared between participating pilots (about 30 euros for the day depending on numbers). It is open to non pilots as well as there are lots of other things to do apart from flying like White water rafting, Walking, climbing, Quad biking, horse riding, Mountain biking, swimming, tennis, golf and more… I already have some definitely coming so book early. I have room for 16. Another option is you can bring your campervan and park next to chalet for discounted rate – shower only or local transport only or shower and local transport or shower, local transport and food (it is all flexible depending on what you want to do. Many thanks, Ben


The BBC has some good information on weather and clouds etc. The link is here.



The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here. The link to Skywings magazine is here. Download the new BHPA Elementary Training Guide here.

Video Links

The beginning of hang gliding. 50 minute film on YouTube here.

And that’s all there is this month.