Bulletin December 2015

Hello and welcome (Lowena dhis ha dynnargh dhis).

This month’s KHPA news: 

BHPA Skywings Magazine Hang Points Editor & KHPA member Tim Jones steps down from his editorial position to make way for Tim Swait.

Adie Chirgwin becomes a Grandfather to baby Arthur (5lb 12oz).

Editors comments:

December saw some fantastic flying, but only if you could afford to fly south to sunnier climates. For plebs like me it’s been pretty dour, I tried praying to Gaia but to no avail ( El Nino v KHPA 1 – 0 ).

Having said that, interestingly I did see a pilot flying for a few minutes at Godrevy late in the month (fess up and tell all please)!!

In World News there’s worrying times ahead for the USHPA, and in Safety Matters I’ve included two videos showing pilots failing to clip in; with no sign of flying any time soon it’s important to stay focused and readied for the eventual soaring days to come.

I wish everyone at KHPA good health and happiness for the coming year.

Club Chat:

November 2015 at Vault Bay.


One of those northern plebs.

A sneak preview of what KHPA participants can expect at the 2016 Gin Wide Open to be held at Saint Jean de Monclar, France:

British Open 2009.

Photo Competition Winner:

Is this photo the best of the best for 2015?.


Safety Matters: 

No life changing injuries occurred in the following videos:

Hang Glider pilot forgets to strap in!

Paraglider pilot forgets to strap in!

World News: 

USHPA in serious trouble!

Next KHPA meeting:

St. Rumons Social Club. Thursday 14th January, 2016. 8 pm.

In Memoriam: 

Mark Paterson (1977 – 2015).