Bulletin December 2011

A Happy Christmas to all our loyal readers!

This month’s crisp fiver goes to Graham Koller for his photo of flying in the Dolomites. Another beauty!

A message from our Beloved Leader (or Chairman’sChat)

Happy Christmas to one and all. Firstly a huge thanks to all of you that have helped out in whatever capacity this year. Looking back at the old Bulletins we have done a fair bit, and to try to cover all of this into a ‘chairman’s chat’ would have taken ages by which time you would have probably all nodded off…..So with apologies to Byron, Keats and Yeats I came up with this ‘Ode’ to the KHPA.

I make no apologies for the quality of the poetry, and I may have, where needed put a bit of story juice on the odd tale to make them fit.
If you had been at the social at Portreath Arms on the 20th you would have seen a live reading of the aforesaid ‘Ode’, I’ve promised it won’t happen again…

ODE TO THE KHPA 2011-2012. PART 1:

Now here’s our little story, and although it’s strange it’s true,
it’s about our little flying club and the daring deeds they do.

January it started, my first year in the chair,
all fresh faced and excited with flowing ginger hair.
The twelve months that have passed have filled me full of dread,
not only has my hair gone grey its falling out my head.
It started off with Perran that lovely coastal site,
the one where, when the wind is low, you have to fly in tight.
On this day the wind was strong, the hangies they were there,
but in the sky they weren’t alone, there was a floppy in the air.
He’d had his fun came into land and got it wrong a bit,
I think I heard the hangy pilot call him a little shi…….
This he said is my hangy, it’s designed to fly and float
if you break it or dent it I shall hug you by the throat.

February came, the storms were blowing in,
“I know” said Coady “lets have a comp, we are bound to bloody win.”
Now Frostbite is name of this gnarly little task,
how the hell do you do it? Other pilots are heard to ask.
Well we sit, we wait, we watch, study the winds and plan it,
and in the end we always win because we are Cornish men of granite.
And if we needed to justify or have any kind of proof,
I once saw Tim nearly land upside on a Perran caravan roof.
February’s gone and what more can I say,
oh yes hang on there’s one more thing I’ve got to mention Ray,
yes we’ve seen him in the sky, and under a firebird he is carried,
but in February he surprised us all when to Loretta he got married.
They say that their love it is eternal, and much to our surprise
it’s not only in a thermal that old Ray gets a rise.

March it came, it was nearly spring, so we ran a coaches course
12 of us were assembled we were an awesome force.
Some were young some were old and some of us are fossils,
with the knowledge shared between us were not quite the twelve apostles.
At the end we all passed and our knowledge we must impart,
but would you want to sit and listen to a balding ginger fart.
I also remember a Para pilot, for now we’ll call him ‘M’,
who, when pointing at a hangy said, “I want to learn to fly one of them.”
When flying on a Para, backwards was the norm,
perhaps we should get him a bell or maybe a French horn.
He was followed then by Nigel learning on the line,
I can’t help feeling for Phippsy this was his toughest time,
but now the two they have passed and when the air is still
they can be seen together cuddling on the hill.

April came and spring for some, for others it was a pain
particularly calamity Clefford who broke his back in Spain.
But we kept in touch, and phoned around so his progress we could trace,
and two weeks later back at Perran he was flying in a brace.
I think it was around about then, but I cannot quite remember,
this guy called Adie joined the club and became our newest member.
Learning with Phippsy he did really well,
but to convert on the hill he’d wait a long old spell.
But during this wait he’d sit and watch us like a hawk,
yes I think you know Adie, he does like to have a talk.
He really loves his flying, it’s deep down in his soul,
he’s moved out of home to Perran and lives there in the bowl.

May saw us up in Yorkshire high up in the dales,
round two of the BOS for us and it was better by far than Wales.
Conditions were wet and windy it did blow
all that was missing was the hail and the snow.
On day number four the rain it abated,
our pilots were ready for this time they had waited.
Up the hill our hero’s they went,
they were damp wet and tired having slept in the tent.
But Phippsy had a cracking day, in fact it was his best,
cheesy grin on his face and a medal on his chest.
You wonder why he had the grin and why he had the smiles,
I’m guessing you would have them too if you’d flown a hundred miles.
South Africa it is place of sun and sea and sand,
and in May we had a visitor from that far off distant land.
With curly hair and worn out wing we could see that he could fly,
high speed turns and wing overs, Derek was that guy.
But now he’s gone off skiing, he went off in November,
its only now I’ve since found out he never was a member!!!!!!!!

June it is a magic time, one of sun and flowers
a time to get into the sky and while away the hours.
To climb upon a thermal wind aloft and then be carried,
but what did Patrick Buxton do, he had a party and got married.

July it can be very Hot, oppressive, damp and sticky,
but this was the month that Sam got brave and proposed to fiancée Vicky.
Part 2 to follow. See January’s Bulletin for details.

Don’t forget The AGM is at Januarys meeting, so if you want to know more about what will be happening next year, want to make any suggestions, or if you want to take on any of the committee roles it would be good to see you.

And just a few lines from real poets…

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. ~Leonardo Da Vinci

I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Happy Christmas and huge XC new year to all.

Big Kernow Repack

The Big Kernow Repack will be held again at Carnmoggas, near St Austell,
On Sunday February 12th.
Cost: £15
Please contact Nigel Waller e mail: leaper.waller@hotmail.com ASAP.

Flying in Spain

I have been asked to do a little write up on my frequent Spanish holidays so here I go.
For the past 4 years I have been going to Spain for 4-6 weeks before Christmas and 4-6 weeks after Christmas, specifically, to a place called Almunecar which is a coastal town about 80k east of Malaga.

Herradura Almunecar

I stay in apartments (that we actually soar in SE winds) which are on Vellila beach and are situated right on the front, all have a balcony and look out southerly towards the Atlas range across the Mediterranean.
Mornings generally start with tea, egg, mushrooms, ham and beans on toast sitting on said balcony watching seagulls soar effortlessly above the apartments etc. etc. etc.
The main months for flying this area are October to April. Every morning at 10am there is a meeting place right in front of the apartment block where pilots from all over the world gather to discuss the day’s weather and which flying sites to go to. Once a site is decided upon, everyone piles into their transport and generally heads off to meet at the decided landing site where people split up into pairs/groups so as to leave plenty of vehicles at said landing area.

Valle de Abdalajis

The sites flown are: Otivar, Cenes de la Vega, Itrabo, Alfamar, Lomo del Gato, Carchuna, Herradura, Pena Escrita, Moclin, Castala, Padul, Loja, Valle de Abdalajis all of which are anything between 10 mins to 1.5 hrs drive, Algodonales is around 2 to 3 hours’ drive, (this is at speeds below the speed limit). Most of these sites are good for low airtime pilots but one or two of them are (or can be) pretty tricky for either landing or take off and it is imperative to talk to a local pilot before flying them, ‘Otivar’ especially so.
All the sites can be found on paragliding earth. Another website to look for is “Flypark Almunecar” this is in German but you will get the gist, the couple who run “Flypark” (Jarda and Leoni) have been in the sport since its inception and can give great advice on all aspects of flying in this region.
Because of the amount of time I spend there the natives tend to regard me as a local, I know this as I overheard one of them talking to a visiting German pilot tell him that I was a “loco ingles”.

Seven league boots

I will say though, if you only have a week or two for your holiday this may not be ideal for some as you do have to fend for yourself, i.e. working out where to go, arrange your own lifts up to take off and retrieves, etc. etc., this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and can sometimes be bloody hard work, hence, if you’re tight for time then you could be better off going with a guide/trip/organiser who does it all for you (I won’t mention any names as I don’t want to be accused of favouritism, but we do have someone in our very own club that can and does do this very well).

Micky Calamity (Mike Clelford)

KHPA XC league 2011

With late entries from paras Bill and Steve M, and up and coming hanger G Phipps, the XC leagues are looking slightly healthier, but we could still do with some new names, and some higher scores. You have until the end of the month to go and bag that big one, so load up with ballast on the 25th, and get out and get blown over the back!

Paragliding XC League

NameTeamTotal (miles)
1Pete CoadBulls30.47
2Bill NorthcottWeasels18.95
3Steve McIlduffBulls9.55

Hang Gliding XC League

NameTeamTotal (miles)
1Graham PhippsWeasels11.04

Just a little reminder, wherever you are flying, and landing, always be mindful of livestock, which doesn’t often anticipate humans descending from the sky. Especially at Vault Bay, lookout for horses, and at High Cliff please don’t fly over the stock shed and yard just behind take off.

Minutes for the meeting of the Kernow Hang gliding and Paragliding Association held at St Rumon’s Social Club on Thursday 8th December 2011

Welcome Chairman Steve welcomed 13 members attending and opened the meeting at 8.05
ApologiesNigel, Sarah, Graham May, Kaz, Michel
Welcome new members None
Monthly photo comp. Won by Graham Koller…again!
Minutes of last meeting. Proposed by Raymond seconded by Adi.

Matters arising

Christmas Do: The message came from Kaz that the do had been rearranged for Friday 16th.
Clay tips: Pete Coad said the matter was in hand, he had a contact, and would approach him as ssoon as he was fit, but he said prospects were looking promising.
Club Ground based XC workshop day. Chairman Steve said he hoped this would go ahead at Portreath Village Hall on 5th February, but it had to be confirmed. He still needed 2 more attendees to make it viable.
Perran Holiday park Parking Pass. All the Perranporth staff are on holiday, so no approach had been made.

Regular reports

Competitions: Pete said the BOS dates were on the Welcome to Goal website. He was again willing to coach anyone who came, but reminded everyone that site rules MUST be adhered to; last year some people had been a little cavalier.
The Joint Services competition has been confirmed for the third week in June. Pete highly recommends it to anyone who can wangle an entry, but it is for hang gliders only.
The Frostbite competition was arranged for the weekend of 28th and 29th January. It was decided that the Saturday night would be a good one for the next club get together and meal, with perhaps some vintage videos for entertainment.

Club flying: There had been a lovely day at Sennen for both hang gliders and paragliders, a couple of strange days at Vault Bay, and Graham Phipps said he had had a good day at Chapel Porth. Mike Clelford claimed to have had a nice five weeks in Spain, flying nearly every day on eight different sites.

Incidents: None this month, but Pete Coad reiterated the plea from last month not to do what he had done. Keep a good margin of speed at all times.

GoPro Camera: Taken by Steve McIlduff.

Other business.

Letter from Mark Woodhams: Mark had written giving his new address and inviting anyone passing to drop in.
re-pack Nigel would like money ASAP. Cheques accepted by Daisy tonight. Names etc must be in by the Jan meeting so that arrangements for food can be made.
Pilot Exam thee date has been set for 20th December. There will be a celebration buffet in the Portreath Arms afterwards, to which all members are invited.
Praa Sands A lady councillor had approached someone flying at Praa Sands, and said that they were not allowed to fly there. The situation was discussed, and it seems it’s a bit of a thorny issue, so it was felt best if the site was not regarded as an official club site, removed from the sites guide, and advice given to fly there at pilots’ own discretion.
Trefusis Glen’s video of flying at Trefusis was also discussed. This also is a tricky situation, it is not a club site, we do not have permission to fly there and the farmer is unlikely to grant the club permission, so it is best to advise pilots not to fly there, and again leave it to their discretion.
Vault Bay A horseback rider had complained that their horse had been startled by a paraglider being inflated close by. It was agreed there was no way of warning horse riders, so we should all be reminded to be aware and have a good check before inflating. We should also all be reminded to keep well clear of any livestock. We were also reminded that there should be no vehicles parked in the lay by near the north end gate, with the exception of Phippsy’s when he is teaching.
Trophies members were asked to give thought to nominations for the Adventure Sports Trophy, awarded for exceptional contributions to the club, to be voted on at the AGM in January. Volunteers are also being sought to take over as secretary, and if possibly treasurer.
Pete Coad read a letter from BHPA asking for thoughts on a proposal to drop the rule about overtaking on the inside when on the ridge. After discussion members felt they should support dropping the rule.
Chris Whittaker brought to attention the fact that club officers could be held responsible for damages caused by a club member if they were not a BHPA member. It was agreed that we should make it explicit that if a member’s BHPA membership lapsed then their KHPA membership would lapse too.
Alan Knight observed how BHPA membership dropped as subs went up. It seems a Catch 22 situation.
Adi said that he had taken flowers to Sally May, and she was very appreciative.
Chairman Steve reminded sites officers that it was whisky-for-site-owners-time.
Graham Phipps said he had spoken to the owner of Sennen, and he was happy for us to park on the field, up until the ticket machine becomes operational again, so long as we do it carefully, leaving no mess or litter.
Site discussion will be about Perranporth next month.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.40