Bulletin October 2012

Club Meeting

The next club meeting will be on Thursday 8th November at St Rumon’s

Chairman Steve asks that all members make a determined effort to attend this meeting as a preliminary to the AGM. The issues discussed and points brought up will gude the direction the club takes over the forthcoming year.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Click here to view the minutes


Photo Competition

After Fergie  won the photo comp last month, his other half, Ana, submitted the winning entry.

3 up at Perran


Quotation of the Month

Thought I’d lighten up the quotation this month with several about the bliss of being married .

‘I don’t think I’ll get married again. I’ll just find a woman I don’t like and give her a house.’  Lewis Grizzard.

‘My wife and I always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.’  Rodney Dangerfield.

‘I don’t think my wife likes me very much. when I had a heart attack, she wrote for an ambulance.’ Frank Carson

‘A man should be able to change his wife like a banknote when she’s forty.. for two twenties.’ Douglas Jerrold.

‘Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same.’ Oscar Wilde

‘A man is incomplete until he is married. After that he’s finished.’ Zsa Zsa Gabor



Happy birthday to Raymond. Eighty Seven years old on October 7th.

New North American paragliding record. Link here to story and Pictures

The Cloud 9 trip to Algodonales is underway as I prepare this bulletin. To get a taste of what we are all missing, Tony Peach has uploaded a video to YouTube. See it here.

Cloud 9 website link here. Look at the blog to see what’s going on.

Logo comp is definitely to be decided at the November meeting. See the submitted entries here.



The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here.

The link to Skywings magazine is here.

Download the new BHPA Elementary Training Guide here.

Safety Issues

Red Ribbons

What the BHPA says about red ribbons

“Pilots fresh from school attach a red streamer to their gliders  for their first ten hours or so to signal their novice status. More experienced club pilots will give them more room in the air, keep an eye on their progress and offer advice and help when appropriate.”

This was discussed at the October meeting and chief coach Paul confirmed that it is a Club requirement to wear a red ribbon for the first ten hours after Club Pilot qualification in each discipline you fly.



Chairman’s chat

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

One of the many versus from Lewis Carols the Walrus and the Carpenter….it could have been worse I could have chosen the  “Jabberwocky”  Twas brillig and the slithy toves……..Anyone know what a ‘slithy tove’, is ??? answers on a postcard please.

That’s the walrus and the carpenter taken care of then, but what are we going to talk about?

 Well maybe not cabbages and kings, and with the poor summer we have had the sea is practically Baltic, as for pigs and wings…..I’ll let you decide??? Suffice to say, I’m still flying…

 I’d like to lament the passing of a great summer flying season, talk about all those balmy days, skies full of bulging cumulus and epic XC’s. Newly discovered sites and road trips to exotic locations, but my poetic licence will only stretch so far before it gets recalled by the fictional writers guild.

 So to more factual matters, firstly I thought the article on the inside cover of this months Sky Wings was superb and probably relevant to every club in the U.K. infact I had to check to see that it wasn’t written by one of our members.

 Whilst it covers a some extreme hill issues, fighting, swearing and anti social behaviour, I don’t think WE are ‘quite’ ready for ASBO’s, but we are very much at the mercy of how ‘non flyers’ and land owners perceive our actions, behaviour and language. Id like to ask all of you just to think the next time you land out, (saying that, we have to leave the hill first) the next time you ‘swoop in’ the next time you shout down to your mates…how do others view our actions? Are we ‘extreme’ sports lunatics with no regard for our own safety? No of course we aren’t, but Mr and Mrs Average don’t know that. All they see is ‘dangerous’ sports enthusiasts hurling themselves around the sky.

 As you know we fly from our sites because of the  permission and goodwill of the land owners, all it takes is one whinge from Mr and Mrs Average, or a disgruntled landowner and our wings are well and truly clipped.

Fly with respect, fly respectfully and lead by example.

 I think this year in particular has seen a huge change in the club with regard to accessibility to information via the club website, whether that be the club notice board, flying today, the on-line meeting minutes or the links pages. Whilst all of these mediums have their place, they  don’t, unfortunately, wholly represent what is written in them, or what goes on behind the scenes. Whether its club decisions, safety issues, club purchases or important site rule changes for instance. All of these topics are discussed and voted upon at our monthly club meetings…believe me in most cases for quite a few hours and in great depth.

 The point I’m trying to get across however is,  whilst we have these easily accessible sources of information, none of them replace attending the meeting and having YOUR say, it is your club after all.

 The club meetings are a great opportunity for all club members and non members to come along and see and hear exactly what goes on, to gain some understanding as to what issues affect your club, why we have had to make the changes to club rules, why we have to engage with visiting pilots, why we have to keep our sites in order. But not just these ‘heavy’ issues, also discussions about Club socials, trips, comps and club purchases.

 I realise that different people want different things from a club, and I’m more than aware than most that some Club decisions are not to everybody’s liking, judging by the emails I get and the ‘words’ that people have had with me.

 So with that in mind I’d like to encourage as many people as possible, both members and non members to come to Novembers meeting and have your say, speak your mind and let us know what you want from the club. We have the AGM coming up in January, and now is a good time to let us know what you would like on the agenda, or the direction you would like your club to go.

 We’ve already had a suggestion for a club Pay Pal account, so that we can collect payment from temp members and  visiting pilots, Club trips have been muted, SIV courses and Alpine flying and the purchase of a portable Jacuzzi for use on club trips, do you want any of these?

 Don’t forget its the vote for the new club logo this month also, so if you are happy with the club being represented by the image of a semi clad buxom female, sat astride a salivating winged wolf and holding aloft a flaming turnip don’t bother coming and those present will vote it in, if you would rather one of the other logo’s to win then turn up……that’s ‘turn up‘, not ‘turnip’ by the way.

 See you at the meeting.    Dredgie.

Pilot Lectures

With the pilot exam course starting soon after Christmas, now is the time for prospective students to do a bit of preliminary studying. I have found a few YouTube Channels that  will give you some idea of what the lectures will be about. I know the flight theory involves fixed wing aircraft, but that is what the BHPA syllabus is mainly about. Link here

A weather oriented YouTube channel that gives predictions for current weather, but scrolling back to the earliest videos, has some good informative ones on how weather happens. Link here.

If you find some interesting videos or articles, please let me know and I will include them in the next issue.

Paragliding Article

That old pirate Barry Hobbins  sent a copy of an article he read on one of his many trips. He casually mentioned it was on the plane from America ( what he neglected to say was that it was a Hercules Transport and he was the only cargo ) anyway the article is  here. Sorry it’s a download.


Speed Riding

By new member Ben Burroughs

On top of a mountain looking down a snow filled valley, white peaks contrasting against                                                     blue sky. I turn my skis to point down the slope, pick up speed and the Speed Riding wing snaps up behind me, brakes applied and the wing steadies overhead… more speed and I am airborne. Right brake and I fly along the side of the valley… touch down, gliding through the powder with the wing still overhead, left brake, pick up speed and airborne over a cliff…land next to a frozen lake adrenaline pumping and ecstatic. I watch the other speed riders in our group descend. We gather our wings put them in a light bag under our arms and ski off to the lift. Time for a social ‘how was your flight…’ on the lift back up to the top to do it all again…and again. At the end of the day back to the Chalet with fire blazing, a four course meal, beer and a good nights sleep ready to do it again the next day… Speed Riding is definitely the ultimate flying and skiing buzz!

Speed Riding is a growing new sport which has really taken off in France. The manufacturers are now producing quality wings and harnesses as well.

It is now possible to experience and learn to get a Speed Riding licence through extremechalets.com a UK and France based company. Speed Riding is taught under the FFVL (equivalent to the BHPA) system safely , with insurance and qualified English speaking instructors. The French FFVL System has been running for 3 years and provides an internationally recognised speed riding licence.

There are 3 stages to the licence that are equivalent to the UK BHPA paragliding licence of EPC (Brevet Initial), CPC Pilot (Brevet de Pilote) and Advanced Pilot (Brevet de Pilote Confirme).

So there is a clear path from experience flight to getting an internationally recognised Speed Riding License with Insurance.

It seems unlikely that the BHPA will follow the FFVL into this area of our flying sport but you never know… In the meantime you now know that you can obtain a Speed Riding qualification under the French FFVL system.

So if you are a competent skier (Red runs at speed) then you can experience or learn Speed Riding. Some paragliding or skydiving experience helps but is not essential.

So if you like skiing and flying then Speed Riding is a must…


Speedriding trip dates are 20-27th  Jan or 10th – 17th March. Price is £395 pp. More details on website www.extremechalets.com or email me at ben.burroughs@btinternet.com

Excellent flying 5 mins from Chalets in the French Alps. White water  Rafting, horse riding, Quads, hiking, high wire adventure park, etc. For example  Samoens 900m top to bottom with huge landing fields. Several sites for beginner  to advanced pilots. Traditional Chalets with stunning views of the alps, sleep  16. Transport is by 9 seater minibus and  landrover. If your skiing skills are not up scratch I am willing to organise Club a summer trip, subject to enough people wanting to go. Contact me and I will be able to work out a price based on numbers and what I need to provide.

Forthcoming Events

The link to the website events registration page is here.

Parachute re-pack

The date for the parachute re-pack is confirmed as Sunday 17th February 2013 at Carnmoggas ( location here ).  Price is  £15.00  to include buffet and refreshments .   See what happened at the last re-pack here.

Pilot Lectures

Don’t forget to register for the lectures on the Events page. Cost will be £1pp per week which is used for a celebratory buffet after the exam.

Christmas Party.

The Club christmas party will be held on 14th December at  Gwel an Mor. Click here for the details of the venue, or contact Kaz.  The price is £29.95 pp. Please reserve your place as soon as possible.


Site Reports

Saint Agnes still has restrictions in place see the site guide here.

Carbis Bay main launch is out of bounds, see the site guide here.


The End