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The Kernow Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (KHPA) exists to promote, facilitate and protect the free-flying activities of its members and visiting flyers by responsible airmanship and mutual understanding with the owners and those accountable for the land from which we have permission to fly.

All members of the KHPA and visiting flyers are required to be members of the sole UK Hang Gliding and Paragliding governing body, the BHPA. The BHPA administers a continuous pilot training scheme, from beginner to expert, and all members have world wide third party insurance protection.

The KHPA developed from the the Kernow Hang Gliding Association (KHGA) in 2002. Before that it was the Kernow Sailwing Association formed in 1975. A club founder is still an active member.

In the UK and abroad, the KHPA organises trips to paragliding and hang gliding sites and competitions. Each year members compete in inter-club, national and international competitions.

The KHPA has pilots flying in the British National League comprising 40 of the top British pilots. This year pilots have also competed successfully in the Pre-Europeans, British Nationals, the British Open Series, the British Club Challenge, and the Bleriot Cup.

Our active flying membership extends from age 18 to 86 and the club is known as one of the most friendly in the country.

Have fun and fly safely.

Monthly Meeting

There is a monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 8 p.m. in St. Rumon’s Social Club, Penryn Street, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2SP. Telephone 01209 215743. Non-members are welcome.


We publish a monthly bulletin of club news, events, articles and flying reports. If you want to be on the mailing list for notification of the bulletin’s release and/or e-mail  updates of club or flying related information, please contact the bulletin editor on the Contact page.

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  1. Frostbite 2016

    After waiting for the unseasonably warm weather to go away it looks like it finally is so it is time to schedule in the Frostbite Comp’. Tim Jones has given the weather Gods a sacrifice by going away until Feb’ so whilst we may miss some entertainment we should get good weather :)

    The comp is open to all CPC’s plus (Hangies and Para’s) although some sites that may be used are unsuitable for low airtimers due to the “limited” bottom landing options. The comp is a friendly affair and normally takes the form of ridge racing, spot landing and XC tasks, all set to give everyone a chance.

    The dates are January 23rd to 24th with hopefully a decision being made on the Thursday beforehand. details will be posted on Cloud 9’s home page, Facebook page and the KHPA website or if you are desperate call Phipps on 01209 842877 between 20.30 and 22.00 on that Thursday.

    Dress up warm, Phippsy

  2. How Safe Are We?

    This message was recently posted to all USHPA members and is well worth reading and thinking about. It’s relevant to all, but particularly experienced pilots.

    Click here to access the full USHPA Safety Notice

  3. Aeros Discus C – Fault Report

    Click here to access a report on a fault that has just been reported affecting Aeros Discus hang gliders.

  4. Austrialpin Carabiner Recall

    Click here for details

  5. IMPORTANT – Imminent Loss of Milk Hill Flying Sites

    Please read this bulletin from the Thames Valley club – click here.

  6. BHPA Liability Insurance & Club Officers

    Following a high-profile liability claim the BHPA have just clarified the liability position of club officers and all club members. Please read their news article that was posted on 20 Dec 12 here.

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