South West XC Group

The letter copied below outlines the details of a new XC group aimed at pilots in the South West. This is a great opportunity for the few Kernow members that want to develop their XC skills to team up with like-minded pilots from other clubs.

Hello all.
I have just set up a Yahoo group email specifically for XC flying in the Southwest with a few aims in mind.
1) Bringing the best pilots together. We have 27 members combined from our clubs on the national XC league with many more not on there but doing regular XC’s. There are some awesome pilots in the southwest with some epic flights being made recently. I would like to see the best and keenest of us on the same hill, on a booming day. The quality of the gaggles would be better and I’m sure we could fly further. That being said this group is as much about getting the best most focused pilots together as it is to encourage more pilots into XC in general.
2) More eyes on the weather. If I get carried away at work sometimes I don’t check the weather and then ill miss a cracking day. It happens to us all. Hopefully with more eyes watching the forecast that will happen less for all of us.

3) Traveling further afield. I, like most of the keenest XC pilots are willing to travel to find the best site on the best day, be it one hour or five. With this group you can let people know what your thinking and where you are going if you are planning a trip.
4) You can easily share flight photos, experiences, track logs, videos of dodgy landings (we all love them) and anything else flying related.
5) A great way for anyone thinking of starting XC’ing to get in to it.
There are many more things that could be done with the group. A group radio frequency, BCC comps, setting goals to break site records, prizes at the end of the season etc.
This is not a club and is not meant to replace your current club. We will not have any flying sites or members fees. It’s just a way for us to all communicate together. I really think if we can organize ourselves a bit better we can give our northern brothers and sisters a run for there money.
If you think this could work and may help you, then type in SWXC in Yahoo groups, introduce yourselves and start talking.
Link for the Yahoo group email:
Link for the Facebook page:

Many thanks,
Malin Lobb.

The current position of KHPA members in the club XC league are shown in the latest club Bulletin that is available via the Bulletin pages.

Rules for the Kernow Cross Country Leagues 2016

The competition is open to all pilots, of all abilities and either discipline, and is supposed to be fun, bearing in mind if you are not Pilot rated, you should only be flying XC with a pilot who is Pilot rated.
There will be two individual leagues, one for hang glider flights and the other for paraglider flights, running from January 1st to December 31st.
There will be a trophy awarded for each individual winning pilot.
Scores for the individual league will be calculated from the total score from a maximum of five flights, of which the fifth must be a defined flight (out and return, triangle or flight to goal).

To be eligible for inclusion in the league a flight must have started in Cornwall, and must be registered with me within a month of the flight. Flights must be registered with launch, landing and any intermediate turn point grid references. The minimum distance to qualify is 3 k for a ridge run or 1 k “over the back”.

Ridge runs will be scored as the mileage flown. For flights where at least 60% of the flight is out of ridge lift (thermalling and gliding) the score will be twice the distance flown. This is to encourage people to concentrate on thermalling and leaving the ridge. For open distance flights you are allowed to enter up to three intermediate turn points, to allow dog legs, and failed out and returns.
For ridge runs, multiple entries for the same ridge run will not be allowed. If you have entered a score for a ridge run, then do another on the same ridge but go further, you can enter it and it will replace the shorter one.

This year there will also be a team competition.
Teams must be of three pilots, flying either discipline. The object is to encourage less experienced pilots to “go for it” and cut the ties to the ridge, so we ask the experienced pilots to choose which team to join in the spirit of the competition, with the aim of helping their team mates to maximise their mileage.
There will be no limit to the number of flights entered for the team, subject to the same eligibility as the individual league, and the winning team will be decided by totaling the best three of each pilot’s flights.
Please register teams, with an interesting name, with me (Tim Jones, tel. 01209 832234, e mail: before any flights are entered.


2016 – Frostbite
Dates to be announced if/when the weather calms down a bit.