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COVID-19 Update 6th November 2020

Club sites are now closed yet again!

Chapel Porth is once again open for flying. There may still be some activity by our winged friends so, please keep an eye out and avoid low overflying of the Engine houses.
The NT have appreciated our restraint in not flying the site and hopefully this will help in our relationship with them.

Access to Perranporth launch through the campsite is now permitted but, parking permit holders only are allowed to park in Haven’s car parks 7 days a week.
Non permit holders can purchase a parking ticket at the office and park in Haven’s car parks at Perran on the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday; though non permit holders do appear to be allowed to park on the other days of the week if, the reception desk isn’t too busy.

KHPA sites Members Only LIFTED

With the further lifting of restrictions and a “settling down” with sites; the restriction of members only KHPA sites can be lifted. All visitors should refer to the KHPA site guides and ideally contact club site officers or committee members for the latest information.
High Cliff remains members only at present, as it was prior to lockdown.

Thank you.

Welcome to the KHPA Website

The Kernow Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (KHPA) exists to promote, facilitate and protect the free-flying activities of its members and visiting flyers by responsible airmanship and mutual understanding with the owners and those accountable for the land from which we have permission to fly.

All members of the KHPA and visiting flyers are required to be members of the sole UK Hang Gliding and Paragliding governing body, the BHPA. The BHPA administers a continuous pilot training scheme, from beginner to expert, and all members have world wide third party insurance protection.

The KHPA developed from the the Kernow Hang Gliding Association (KHGA) in 2002. Before that it was the Kernow Sailwing Association formed in 1975.

Our active flying membership extends from age 18 to 86 and the club is known as one of the most friendly in the country.

Have fun and fly safely.

Monthly Meeting

There is a monthly meeting on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in St. Rumon’s Social Club, Penryn Street, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2SP. Telephone 01209 215743. Non-members are welcome.


We usually publish a monthly bulletin of club news, events, articles and flying reports. If you want to be on the mailing list for the bulletin please consider joining the KHPA on the Members subscriptions page.

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  1. Hi All

    Some good news regarding Carbis Bay. The top fields are now available for flying until the end of January, assuming we behave. Access is through the gate by the road as before, no hoping over or through the fence. Parking as before, please do not cause obstructions . Avoid over flying Gonwin Manor and its front garden, in general be on best behavior as we do not wish to give any reasons for complaint.

    Due to the fragile nature of the site it is open to KHPA members only and all must make sure they are up to date with the current site guide as on the website along with these measures.

    Sadly with the forthcoming lockdown our use of the site may be further limited however at least Wednesday looks possible :))

    Following the Goverments update today and taking into consideration of what comes out of it we will need to update the clubs situation.

     All the best 

    KHPA committee

  2. As of today Chapel Porth is once again open for flying. There may still be some activity by our winged friends so please keep an eye out and avoid low overflying of the Engine houses.

    The NT have appreciated our restraint in not flying the site and hopefully this will help in our relationship with them.

  3. Chapel Porth Important ……
    There is the possibility of a temporary restriction on flying at Chapel
    Porth due to a bird related issue. We are trying to ascertain the
    situation at present with the NT and will update as soon as we know the
    In the long term interests of the site please do not fly there until
    further notice, this includes using other take offs to access the ridge
    between St Agnes Head and Chapel Porth beach. Your co operation I am
    sure will be appreciated by all.

    Thank you


  4. Carbis Bay – the site is now open for a limited time, until end of November 2019. Members and accompanied guests only. Non members wishing to fly this site must contact a KHPA member who will take responsibility for them and be accompanied by them before entering the site. Thank you.

  5. Hi All,

    As discussed at the last meeting, problems have arisen regarding our future flying at Vault Bay. At present we can continue but, members please make yourselves well aware of the site rules and ensure you abide by them. Also make sure any visitors do like wise; it will not take a lot for this site to be lost, in particular parking; use only the car parks and NOT the lay-by near the gate, also avoid taking off and landing near any cattle.

    Please pass on to others that may use the site from other clubs etc.

    Thank you,


  6. NOTAM – How to issue a UK Notice to Airmen.

    Whilst looking around the North Devon Hang & Paragliding website I spotted this useful video their club produced and kindly shared: https://youtu.be/InT5hBZnFgQ

  7. Carbis Bay Flying site – Important!
    I have received an email 28/4/2018 relating to Carbis Bay, informing us that the fields have now been seeded and the land is let to a farmer for Hay, grazing and grass, and that we are no longer allowed to take off and land on it.
    We now have contact details that we can use, and as soon as possible will arrange a meeting to try and negotiate future use but, until then, please do not fly Carbis Bay by using any of the fields for taking off or landing! If you wish to take off on the dunes and land on the beach that is fine.
    Cooperation in this is important if we are to have any chance of future use.
    Please pass this information on to all includng non KHPA members.

    Thank you

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