Caption Competition

February 2014

caption comp

July 2013

Phil L – Dredgie’s Haka war cry fails to impress locals

February 2013

Adie tries on one of the new KHPA branded condoms.
Phil L – He has no clue; he is a klutz; and he is not part of the clan!
KHPA members, bored with lack of flying weather, branch out into rain hat fashion business.
I make that due East” says Adi noticing a slight increase of pressure on his right ear.
What a bargain!” exclaims Adi “The machine in The toilet sells these at two for a pound
Local man becomes first to take up KKK & KHPA combined membership
Steve W
Sucking Aidies brain out strangely didnt seem to make any difference!
The Alien Queen occasionally laid bad eggs!
The new upstairs shute was definitely quicker than the stairs!
…and before we throw the switch, would you like to confess your sins?
…And this children is how we make a Smurf!
With his ever so long blonde locks of hair Aidie was not taking any chances with the rain!
Alan K – Adi models the new “KHPA spot a club coach from a distance” all terrain bonnet…… Hat by Durex, motif by Fergie

October 2012

The Winning Caption – October

Andy R – Fergi was determined to prove that the sun really did shine out of his arse!

September 2012

The Winning Caption

Phil L – Al desperately tries to dry his wing before it shrinks and meets the same fate as his trousers…


1. The photo for the Caption Competition will usually be decided at the group meeting.
2. The Caption Competition photo will be published via the website and/or club bulletin.
3. Caption Competition photos could have been taken at any time and at any location but must be owned and submitted by a club member (i.e. we can’t download someone else’s photos from t’Internet but old photos are OK).
4. The winning caption will be decided by membership vote (as per the photo comp, either by email or in person at the meeting).
5. There is no monthly prize for this competition, it is just for fun.
6. To claim the cash prize for winning the caption competition the author of the winning caption must be present at the club meeting. In the event that the winner is not present the photo will still be recorded as the winning caption but the cash prize will be ‘rolled over’ to the following month.