Warning: All pilots should be aware that a top landing at this site is often necessary. If you are not qualified or current in top landings you should take advice from a local club member or coach before flying.

Please Note, the KHPA now has a Letter of Agreement (LoA) with LandsEnd Airfield; pilots must make themselves familiar with it and abide by it or, risk losing this site!

Site Name: Sennen

Nearest Town: Sennen

O.S. Ref: SW 358 263

Lat/Lon: 50° 04′ 42″ N,   5° 41′ 32″ W

Wind Direction: NW

Wing Type: HG & PG

RAF Ref: 3.052

Access: BHPA Members

Pilot Level: CP

Resident Club: KHPA

Club Contacts:
Hang gliding – Graham Phipps 01209 842877 or 07785 593559
Paragliding – None

Site Warden: Graham Phipps 01209 842877 or 07785 593559

Site Description: Sandy Cliffs overlooking a big beach. very busy with holiday makers in season.

Altitude: 270 feet

Height Top to Bottom: 270 feet

How to get there: Easy. Drive the A30 almost to Lands End. Turn right as you approach Sennen The site is in the car park on your right.

Vehicle Access & Parking: Leave cars only in the car parks shown when they are open. Do not park on the verge/path as this creates an obstruction to other road users.

Obviously at times when the gates are open KHPA members will have to pay the necessary car parking charges
If the parking meters are operating …….we pay
Ignorance is not an excuse……………..if in doubt ….PAY

Rules and Restrictions: Obtain clearance from Lands End Airfield ATC before flying. (01736 788 944). Conform to any limits they impose. No clearance – No Fly. Do not fly when the top landing or the beach are crowded.

Whilst Flying:

  • Do not unnecessarily hang around above peoples properties.
  • Respect people’s privacy and do not take photos of their properties.
  • Do not eject any material into any properties.
  • Do not shout down to any members of the public regardless of provocation.

Rigging Notes: Keep top landing and overshoot areas clear.

Marshalling: Use common sense and consideration for others. Can all pilots using the site be considerate of others please, and not leave unattended gliders blocking access to the launch. Hang gliders especially require room to manoeuvre along the front to launch

Launch Notes: Before launching check out top landing area and note the position of power cables.

Top Landing Notes: Beware power cables crossing the field. Beware double decker buses on the road.

Bottom Landing Notes: No beach landings when the beach is crowded.

Hazards: Power cables, Double decker buses, helicopters -some of them BIG,small commercial aircraft and private light aircraft all active in this area.

Restricted Areas:

Airspace: The site is within the ATZ of Lands End Airport. Clearance is required and limits may be imposed. ALL PILOTS to check with Lands End tower for permission to fly on 01736 788944

Met Services: Dialmet is available for RAF St. Mawgan and RNAS Culdrose.

All information is for guidance only. All pilots must make their own assessment of the site.

Don’t Forget: Military Freephone for midweek flying.
0800 51 55 44

Red Arrows, Royal Flights and TRAs.
0500 35 48 02