Bulletin January 2013

Club Meeting

The next Club meeting is Thursday 14th February at St. Rumon’s.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Read the minutes of the AGM and the January meeting here.

Photo Competition

The winner this month was submitted by Tim Jones, wearing his Marigold gloves.




Quotation of the Month

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.‘… Heywood Broun (1888 – 1939)


Just a snippet for the news letter…  Brits take bronze at Hang Gliding World Championships in Australia moving in front of the home team on the final day!  The results can be found at here and an excellent blog from the team manager here  Well worth a read, a top comp, with no serious incidents and no parachute deployments!. Phippsy


Trophy nomination

We need nominations with citation for the Adventure Sports Trophy that is to be presented at the February meeting. The trophy is awarded for a members contribution to the life of the club. Not necessarily the best pilot, but someone who  shows the right spirit and attitude.



Phil Lyons has agreed to be the paragliding competition  officer.


The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here. The link to Skywings magazine is here. Download the new BHPA Elementary Training Guide here.

Safety Issues

Safety Officer

We need a new hang  glider safety officer as a permanent replacement for stand in Tim. It’s an easy job, I’m told all hang glider pilots are so perfect they never do anything wrong.


Site Guides

At the last meeting we discussed the club site guides. Perranporth site guide has been amended. If any of the other site guides are wrong, unclear or not suitable, or if you have any suggestions on how they can be improved, please send your observations to me.

In response to some of the comments at the last meeting regarding the  designation of parking areas at Perran, would members please consider the following. The guides lay down the site rules and restrictions, insisted on by the site owner as part of our agreement with them, or by the club as a safety measure. The guidelines are there to try to reduce the occurance of other types of problems. As members you should be familiar with each site and the differing requirements, but visiting pilots rely on the guides being accurate and unambiguous. I know that you are all aware of where and where not to park at our sites, but the visitor needs to be told exactly what we expect of them. So if you look at the site guides from the perspective of a visitor, and not as a member, you may appreciate why things are worded as they are. SM


Carbis Bay

The British Transport Police have reminded us that paragliders should not ride on top of the trains without first paying the correct fare.


Something to think about…




KHPA Christmas Do 2012

It was the KHPA Christmas do and with the usuals in attendance, joined by a few new faces, it was good to catch up with friends in a different environment and in different dress.

Held at Gwel an Mor near to Portreath the food was        Do1                                                                                                           superb and the service first class with everyone                                                                                                                   getting fed together and with hot food, so no waiting.










It did not take long before everyone began to loosen up no doubt helped by the complementary wine provided by Cloud 9 in appreciation of the custom and support of the pilots over the past year, thank you.


Do5                          Do4










Whilst it has to be said I have heard better DJ’s it did not seem to deter the girls and quite a few of the boys from getting out there and having fun on the dance floor, yes we did miss Coady’s dancing as he was away skiing, but then again maybe that is not such a bad thing…………










By Phippsy



Hayle Towans 

After reading Mike Cowley’s article in last month’s Bulletin I thought I would add a few comments and tips about flying at this place, this is by no means meant as a site guide. Site Description This site is about 2.5 miles long, mostly sand dunes varying from 10 feet to 80 feet in height and cliffs each end at about 70 feet. It can take a wind from NNW to WNW or even a West but I have never flown it here on that direction. Ideally you need a wind of at least 14 to 18 mph, you can fly it with less but you would be restricted to the cliff between coastguard huts A and B. The best time to fly at this site, especially if you are dune skimming, is between November and March when the Holiday Parks are closed and the beach is not too busy. Parking can be at the Bluff or Sandy Acres car park which are both pay and display.

Hayle Towans

This site has many challenges and should be treated with care but here are some of my tips to help keep you safe.

  • Between the huts A and B there is a 50 foot cliff ideal for the light wind days. You can top land but pick your spot carefully, at the back is lots of brambles so don’t get dragged back.There are caravans close to the ridge so, on windy days ,be careful so you don’t get blown back! I would advise not to fly there on top end days.
  • Between the huts B and C there is a good flat plateau to launch from ( yellow pin). The dunes are about 15 foot high and, if you are unsure about the wind being too strong, launch from here and if you can walk forward it is ok to fly. Also a good place to land when the tide is in.
  • Coast guard hut C has a flag post on top. Be very careful flying near this, I’ve nearly been caught out on it more than once.
  • Next to hut D the sand dunes cut back in, if you have the height you can jump the gap, if not follow the contour in but watch for rotor.
  • Between huts E and F its cliffs again but with finger like points sticking out, be very careful of the rotor.  This end of the site works better with more West in it, many pilots end up on the beach flying this end just ask Alan Knight. When the tide is in you can get cut off if you go to the beach except in front of the hut E where there is a path up. I would not recommend taking off from the cliff top here because it is square edged, rotor and dead air exists, trust me.
  • If you decide to take off from the beach you can walk your wing backwards up the dune, but as you do the angle of attack changes because of the relative wind direction so you need to pull a lot of brake to stop the wing over flying you.
  • It’s a good idea to launch into  the direction of the wind if it’s off  or across the face of the dunes. I have seen too many pilots take off away from the dunes downwind, then they have to turn back towards them by which time they have lost the lift.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to get into your harness, wait until you’re going up and in the right direction.
  •  When flying the head wind leg you can fly close to the terrain but on the downwind leg fly further out (it can get pretty quick and things happen fast).
  • Fly with very little brake when you are flying close to the dunes, because if you are going to hit them you can convert your speed to lift by pulling a little more brake, but if you are already flying on min sink you have nothing left to play with.
  • If you get blown back “wait and hands up,” it is only a gust and it should pass. However if not, DO NOT USE SPEED BAR but get ready to land, get out of your harness in case of rotor (a similar event happened to me in Wales when I went for speed bar and ended up with an asymmetric). If you are high and at no risk of rotor or you are going to get blown back into caravans or building it may be safer to use speed bar, but only use enough to maintain forward speed.
  • If you do get blown back and experience rotor apply a little brake and actively fly the wing until you land, do not just put your hands up.
  • You can fly between the hut A and the Hayle estuary but be careful you don’t get sucked up the estuary by the venturi affect.
  • Keep an eye on the sea, anything more than a few white horses it’s time to land.
  • Keep checking your forward speed with hands up and not with the speed bar, if you need bar, better to land.
  • If the tide is in keep an eye out for kite surfers close to the beach.
  • If you fly close to the ground the margin of error is small and one miss calculation could see you hitting the dune so fly accordingly.
  • If you don’t like getting sand in your wing this is not the place for you.

I hope you find these tips helpful they are not meant as coaching but are my own experiences. Adie Chirgwin



Old KHPA Website

We are in the process of putting some of the archive material from the old website onto the new. Here’s a sample of what there is:~


25 members attended the meeting.

Apologies for Absence were made for www.John and Hannah of the Bulletin.

Minutes of the Last Meeting were read by the Pete in the chair, approved and signed.

Matters Arising.
Competitions. The meeting congratulated the Competition Organisers PG & HG on the successful outcome of the South Devon Club Easter Comp. Steve the Hawk reported that Kernow thrashed the opposition mainly through our great speed. Our spot landing performance needs to improve The scores can be read on the BCC web site.

Pilot Ratings. Still waiting on the outcome of the forthcoming meeting of the FSC.

Site Guide. Alan said the guide is done and printed thanks to Roger Full. Copies are available for collection after the meeting. Member agreed that a nominal charge of £2 be paid for replacement hard copies and copies sent to non members. Also that the guide be published on our web site with a downloading facility if practicable.

Web Site. This continues to work well and is being sensibly used.

Towing. Phippsy reported that 7 pilots enjoyed a good day on Sunday 31st March. Vicki did an excellent job driving the winch. Martin did his FLPHG flying with the ready agreement of the Culdrose Gliding Club. There were no paragliders launched as the paraglider coach ratings and conversions still need to sorted.

Steve Pen’ Memorial Project. Problems have arisen regarding the siting of the proposed seat at St. Agnes Head. Graham P is in touch with the Carrick DC officials trying to sort it all out.

Training. Phippsy reported that he spent his birthday at Vault Bay and was rewarded by seeing Gay and Paul soaring and top landing. Both were flying for the first time away from the Perranporth training site and on their own gliders. Vicki was there too and flew her Clubby for the first time after a long long break and there were two other pilots from “upalong” being coached All did very well on a brilliant day.

British Clubs Challenge. Patrick reported that 12 teams have entered 10 in the Southern Group but only 2 in the Northern Group. Another preliminary round is planned for the week end 20th-21st April. Steve and Patrick are co-ordinating the comp’

Money Vicki reported more subs paid but there are still some renewals outstanding.

Cornwall Paragliding Club and Adventure Sports. Members reported that Cornwall Paragliding Club has separated from Adventure Sports and hopes to be operating next year with Mark Butler and Ivor Thomas as instructors when they are qualified.

Members List., A list has been included in the current Bulletin and the site guide includes details of club officers.

Any other business.
Alan told us of a proposal reported in the West Briton, that Carrick DC is considering handing over the land around St. Agnes Head to the National Trust.

Vicki said the fee for our Highcliff site was due for payment. It was agreed we should send the same fee as for last year and resist any increase especially as we didn’t use the site last year because of Foot and Mouth restrictions.

Mark the PG Comp Organiser said how pleased he was with the turnout of PG pilots for the Easter Comp’.

Roger Full told members of the death of Vicki Tempest the wife of one of the founder members of KHPA who some of us met at the 25th Anniversary dinner.

Daisy thanked Vicki for her work on the winch on the Culdrose towing day especially as she does not get the opportunity to fly pending progress with the PG ratings and her own HG experience.

Kaz asked for names for Daisy’s party on Friday.

Phippsy recounted happenings at the Sub Aqua social event and gave details of the indoor short mat bowling event arranged for next Monday 15th April. The next event on the social agenda is clay pigeon shooting. Phippsy went on to say that there are still places open for the British Open Hang Gliding Competition. Phippsy, Patrick and Steve the Hawk are already signed up.

Pete told members that Shirley Bazely, wife of our hon’ member Dave B, is in Royal Cornwall Hospital with a twisted bowel problem. A full recovery is expected. Members should speak to Dave before visiting. Pete went on to propose that we should pay all the expenses for Daisy’s party.

50 Club Draw. Vicki fixed it favouring Patrick with the £5 prize and awarding the £15 to Jon Knight.

And that was that so members resorted to informal conversations and discussions.

Watch this KHPA video from 2004 here


Culdrose Weather Site

Follow this link to wunderground.com and the Culdrose weather page. The link is here


Appreciation of the Bulletin

I’d just like to say that was a truly epic effort .I’ve never read a club bulletin with so much content, in fact I’ll go further to say that honestly  there was more of real interest and entertainment than Skywings this month .
I’m now over 7ft tall after all the leg pulling ! Nigel Eagle    Thanks Nigel, much appreciated. SM


Forthcoming Events

The link to the website events registration page is here.


Frostbite Comp  Due to the poor forecast for this weekend it has been decided to postpone the Frostbite Competition until the weekend of 26/27 Jan.



Parachute re-pack The date for the parachute re-pack is confirmed as Sunday 17th February 2013 at Carnmoggas ( location here ).  Price is  £15.00  to include buffet and refreshments .   See what happened at the last re-pack here. Contact me if you want to attend.


Pilot Lectures Pilot lectures are open to all Club Rated pilots regardless of how many hours they  have logged. We cover Air Law, Theory of Flight and Meteorology. We usually meet once a week for a two hour session. Each subject is covered over two sessions with a revision and mock exam on the last two.  So, eight evenings in all, then a further night for the exam proper. In the  BHPA Pilot Task book you will find the list of practical  tasks that you will need to complete. Don’t worry about not having completed, or even started, the practical tasks, get your written exam completed and sent in, and do the practical stuff later. We need about ten students, so  get your name down now. Register for the lectures on the Events page. Cost will be £1pp per week which is used for a celebratory buffet after the exam. We have held the pilot lectures at Portreath, if you have any other suggestion for a venue (St Rumon’s?) please let me know.

Revised Club Constitution

Below is the proposed revised club constitution. We have tried to keep it short and simple and have included amendments as discussed at the January meeting. We will be voting for it’s adoption at the February meeting.





1.            The name of the club shall be the Kernow Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association,2.            The aim of the club is to promote and facilitate safe hang gliding, paragliding and BHPA affiliated sports in Cornwall.3.            The club shall meet on the second Thursday of each calendar month and once a year an Annual General Meeting shall be held one the same day as, and preceding, the January monthly meeting. At the A.G.M. members will vote to:-I.    Receive reports from the Club Officers as appropriate.II.   Receive and approve the Accounts.III.  Elect officers of the club. All existing officers will stand downIV.  Fix club subscriptions for the coming year.V.  Vote on any proposals to change the constitution.VI.  Award the Club Trophies.

Extra-ordinary General Meetings may be called by 6 members in writing to the chairman. An E.G.M will be announced at the next monthly meeting and be held immediately preceding the following Monthly meeting.

4.  At any meeting a quorum shall require the attendance of 11 members.

5.  Membership shall be open to any person sharing the aims of the Association. Every flying member must be a paid up member of the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and operate within the guides lines of that Association. Members must sign and adhere to the Club Conditions of membership. Membership will extend to include a member’s non flying spouse or partner and children under 18 years of age.

6.  Members shall pay subscriptions and fees as determined by the A.G.M. Subscriptions are reduced by 25% for every 3 month period elapsed from the 28th Feb.

7.  Only fully paid-up members of the club attending the meeting are allowed to vote.

8.  Officers of the club have no power except those approved by a quorum body. Each officer can serve a maximum consecutive term ofthree years.

9.  At any meeting of the Association motions are carried by a simple majority. The Chairman will have a vote and in the event of a tied vote shall have the casting vote.

10.  Purchases or expenditure of less than £30.00 can be authorised jointly by the Chairman and Secretary, anything over this amount must be put to a vote.

11.  In the unlikely event of the Club being reduced in numbers to the minimum required for a Quorum, or if the Officers decide it is necessary to dissolve the Association, after a minimum 28days’ notice and falling on an ordinary meeting day, there shall be held an Extraordinary General Meeting. A vote to dissolve the Association will be put to the members under the rules of the Constitution. Assets of the Association to be distributed to charities or organisations decided by the members at the time.



After the dismal fail of the December quiz, Nigel Waller has perused dozens of old Skywings magazines and has found these brainteasers for you to try. Answer at the bottom of the page.

brain teaser 1

Pilot Profile

Still waiting for submissions from you.

Site Reports

Carbis Bay

Open for flying but very muddy and watch out you don’t get your lines around the stones that are all over the site.

Quiz Answer

Answer 1

The End