Bulletin January 2015

Hello and welcome (Lowena dhis ha dynnargh dhis).

This month’s KHPA news: 

The latest development proposal put forward for the Godwin Farm site at Carbis Bay has been rejected.

KHPG now has fifty members and has taken pride of place on the KHPA Home Page.

Andy R has submitted old KHPA archive bulletin to Skywings.

Editors comments:

I believe in years to come this moment in time will be seen as the golden era for free flight; the choice for new pilots coming onto the scene is vast with not only the traditional hang gliding and paragliding disciplines but also speed riding, base jumping, sky diving, parachuting, etc.

Also it doesn’t end there, once you have learnt to fly you can wagga, wagga freestyle, acro, xc, and so on. All this development and evolution means a higher profile, which leads to more pilots, more investment, more countries opening up new flying sites, and most importantly, safer better performing equipment.

So come on peoples please lets hear about anything to do with the above mentioned. What do you hate / love about your flying kit? What’s your favourite flying site and do you have any photos? Have you had any accidents or near misses? Have you had a great flying holiday recently or better still a flying holiday from hell? I’ll even accept articles from Petrol Heads (only joking)! On a more sombre note maybe you would like to remember a pilot lost to us (In Memoriam); just let me know.

The Chairman speaks:

Club Chat:

For those pilots who’ve enjoyed reading the KHPA Archive Bulletins here is a Bulletin from the PSC going back even further to the mid seventies!

197503 PSCMag

Below is the topography and photograph of one of my most beloved of sites – Parlick Fell.

As you can see it has a south face, east face, and large west face. Up country it is affectionately known as Womb Parlick on account of it’s relatively benign traits for such a big site. Dave C.

Parlick Parlick2

 Looking south from Fair Snape Fell.

Adie C gives the facts on paraglider aspect ratio.  

Its all about the ar 1

Photo Competition Winner:


Safety Matters: 

Two excellent articles now appearing on the facebook group KHPG entitled Pre Flight Safety for Hang Gliding and the Top Ten Tips for New Pilots

World News: 

Chriguel Maurer moves back to Advance! He will be working on new equipment for the Red Bull 2015 X-Alps.

Next KHPA meeting:

St. Rumons Social Club. Thursday 12th February 2015. 8pm.

In Memoriam: 

Chris Muller (1976-2005). Kenny Ebbrell (1958-2012).

Carolyn Dewdney (1960-2013).