Bulletin November 2011

This month’s crisp fiver goes to Andy Rogers for his photo of a committed take off at Carbis Bay. Who is the expert pilot? Why, none other than Chris Whittaker. Who is the disco-dancing zombie behind? Suggestions on a post card please!

Two helicopters in one day. A cautionary tale.

Most of you are probably aware that I was foolish enough to spin/helicopter my canopy into the hill at Godrevy recently, resulting in a ride in the Air Ambulance. Result: a visit to Treliske, a stay in Derriford hospital in Plymouth, fractures to my back and neck and a degree of discomfort. So what went wrong? Talking to pilots since the incident I am disturbed that spinning is far from a one off, several recent cases have come to light.
In my case I was exiting a 360 at about 50-70 feet when, without warning, I was spinning, followed quickly by impact. What was the cause? Conditions were mellow, I’m flying a canopy well within my capabilities and that I am very happy with; the only answer: Pilot Error.

Talking to witnesses and pilots with extensive knowledge of flying characteristics of gliders, it is clear that I was flying a little too slowly on the exit from my 360. The frightening thing is the speed that things happened, giving me no chance to take any action. Please, please, please let’s learn from my accident. Prevention is better than correction, fly a little faster, or you may not be as lucky as me. (In the words of my Consultant, you’re very, very lucky; you should be paralysed or dead).
May I take this opportunity to thank all those that came to my aid on the hill and all the visits/phone calls wishing me well.

Safe flying.

Pete Coad

Big Kernow Repack

The Big Kernow Repack will be held again at Carnmoggas, near St Austell, on Sunday February 12th.
Cost: £15
Please contact Nigel Waller e mail: leaper.waller@hotmail.com ASAP.

In no way related to Coady’s report, or the Big Kernow Repack, Barry Hobbins spotted this in a reputable newspaper recently.

Don’t forget your parachute

Your risk of death each time you go base jumping is 1 in 2,300. But everyday sports attract their own mortality rate. The odds of dying during table tennis, for example, are 250,600 to 1!
Interestingly, a systematic review published in the British Medical Journal suggests our reliance on parachutes is based solely on anecdotal evidence. No rigorous, randomised, placebo-controlled trials have ever been undertaken to prove they reduce the risk of death after gravitational challenge.

Any one like to volunteer for the placebo trial?!

Kernow Christmas Do

Remember, the Christmas do and disco will take place on Saturday 17th December at Gwel an Mor in Portreath. Let Kaz know IMMEDIATELY of your intent to attend on 01209 842877.

Minutes for the meeting of the Kernow Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association held at St Rumon’s Social Club on Thursday 10th November 2011

Welcome Chairman Steve welcomed 16 members attending and opened the meeting at 8.05.
Apologies Pete Coad, Gay Jones, Paul Howse.
Welcome new members None
Monthly photo comp. Won by Andy Rogers. Again.
Minutes of last meeting. Proposed by Andy Rogers seconded by Chris Whittaker.

Matters arising

Christmas Do: Kaz said we could do with more attendees. Please send your names to her ASAP.

Clay tips: : Pete was not present, but he is investigating. Chairman Steve said he knew a security officer, who might also be a way in.

Club ground-based XC workshop:. Chairman Steve told of renowned XC pilot Pat Dower, who is giving a workshop for the Condors on February 4th. There were four places left, at a cost of £30 per head. Alternatively, if we could raise 10 interested parties, he could do a workshop of our very own on Feb 5th, so anyone interested should contact Steve.

Perran Holiday park Parking Pass. Kaz agreed to attempt to negotiate a reduced price deal.

Club flying trips. 2012 Chairman Steve asked for volunteers, one HG and one PG, to plan a UK based flying trip for spring 2012, with a view to getting away on a club scale more often. Daisy volunteered for the HG side. Any other volunteers were asked to contact Tim or Steve.

Parking area at Carbis bay. Chairman Steve thanked Nigel and Steve Mac again for their sterling work in clearing parking spaces at Carbis Bay.

Regular reports

Competitions: No one present was able to give any reports.
Club flying: Adi had been out at Perran. Shock horror! There had also been some nice flying for the hang gliders at Carbis Bay.
Incidents: A visiting hang gliding Condor came a cropper at Carbis Bay. There was discussion of causes, and emphasis again on careful choice of take-off point, assessment of conditions and total commitment to a strong take-off.

Pete Coad had a serious incident at Godrevy on his paraglider, spinning into the ground. He wasn’t present to describe it, but others reported it as light, thermic conditions. Pete entered a turn quite close to the hill, which quickly turned into a collapse, leading to a spin. Graham Phipps reminded us all of the dangers of flying PGs too slow. There is very little feedback from of the wing of an imminent stall, so we should all keep a good margin for error, and keep an extra bit of speed at all times.

Adi congratulated Chairman Steve on how well he took charge of the situation, and organised the rescue. Steve said he had e mailed the Air Ambulance to thank them, and suggested we might organise a charity event to raise money for them. He also passed on Pete’s thanks to everyone.

GoPro Camera: Andy Rogers took it again.

Other business.

Barry Hobbins gave an account of the Cloud9 excursion to Algodonales. As usual there was a lot of good flying, eating, joking and ribaldry. He cryptically claimed to be disappointed not to have a bush named after him! He claimed that on the whole his take-offs were good, he had his vario screaming up at him for the first time, he had got seriously high several times, and generally landed where he wanted to. What more, apart from huge quantities of meatballs, could you ask for?!

Nigel Waller reminded the membership that the parachute repack will be held at Carnmoggas again, on Sunday 12th Feb. He needs names and MONEY by the January meeting.

Steve Mac, in the light of various incident reports lately, suggested nominating a different site for each club meeting, to discuss recurring incident themes at that site, looking for patterns and strategies to minimise risks. This was supported, and next month’s site for discussion will be Perranporth.

Andy Rogers said the website needed a site guide for Praa Sands and Hayle Towans. Alan Knight agreed to be the point of contact for the Towans.
Andy also asked about the hand drawn maps in the sites guide, but it was agreed to keep them.
Finally Andy said he would have members’ details in the members-only section of the website, with an option to not have them published on the membership renewal form.

Chairman Steve reminded site officers that bottle-of-whisky-for-site-owners time is coming up.

Graham May reminded us the AGM is coming up, and the post of secretary needs filling, as does the treasurer’s post, if anyone is keen to take it on.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.35.