Photo Competition

The Photo Competition is a light-hearted monthly competition of pictures submitted by KHPA members with a very serious monetary reward for the winner. Please use the drop-down menu above or the links below to view past and current entries.

This month’s competition.

Photo Competition Winners 2017

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Photo Competition Winners 2012.

Competition Rules

1. Photographs submitted for the competition must have been taken within 3 months of the date of the club meeting at which the competition results are to be announced.

2. Photographs need not be of KHPA members or of KHPA sites but must have either been taken by a KHPA member or must feature a KHPA member.

3. Photographs submitted for the competition may be uploaded to the appropriate page of this website when they are received.

4. Photographs may be submitted for the competition at any time up to 7 days before the date of the club meeting at which the competition results are to be announced. Photographs submitted after this date will be automatically put forward for the following month’s competition.

5. Votes will be accepted at any time however, it should be noted that as club members can only vote for one photograph it may be prudent to wait until the window for submitting pictures has closed.

6. To claim the cash prize for winning the photographic competition the owner of the winning picture must be present at the club meeting. In the event that the winner is not present the photo will still be recorded as the winning picture.

How to Vote

Due to inherent difficulties with online voting it has been decided that KHPA members should vote on their chosen picture by sending an email to the club Webmaster. A list of votes cast will be available on request at the club meeting.

Click here to send an email or use the form on the Contact page.