Bulletin July 2016

Hello and welcome (Lowena dhis ha dynnargh dhis).

This month’s KHPA news:

KHPA member and Bulletin Editor Dave Campbell tackles marauding modeller at Chapel Porth!

Editors comments:

Dave Campbell? Maruading modeller? Wow!! That’s me. Read the full report including all the thrills and spills under the title ‘The Rogue Modeller’ in Safety Matters.

This month has seen a glut of flying days, hell even I went out twice in one week and managed to fly on both occasions!

Early on in the month the club as a whole had to suffer the sad news of Adie Chirgwin’s accident at Porthtowan and his decision to stop flying. Speaking of which, I would like to take this opportunity to commend the actions of KHPA Site Officer Nigel Waller who carried out an emergency landing in difficult conditions to go to the aid of an injured fellow pilot. BRAVO.

In Club Chat there are photos of Adie Chirgwin going out on a high, and in World News there is an astonishing story involving a worlds first.

Club Chat:

Adie Chirgwin. Top of the stack for the last time.


The last great gig in the sky (music vid).


Tony Peach (Peachy) doing his best to blend in but he’s been spotted.


Nigel Waller on his exquisite Nova Mentor 4.


Phil Lyons. Rhapsody in blue.


Peachy fought the law and the law won. Steve Dredge takes Peachy’s wing for a spin.


KHPA Competition Scene:

Safety Matters:

Warning! The following report in no way represents the views of the KHPA or it’s members – save one.

The Rogue Modeller.

Cartoon caption courtesy of Chris Holmes.



World News: 

25,000ft and no parachute!

Next KHPA meeting:

St. Rumons Social Club. Thursday 11th August, 2016. 8 pm.

In Memoriam: 

Gordan Vosicki (1958 – 2016).