Incident Report

The BHPA reporting system deals with global issues and cannot concern itself with individual pilot or site difficulties. Our club reporting system should pick up trends involving problems with individual members, or specific sites. The aim is to identify pilots who are having problems and to direct assistance to them in whatever form it is needed. To identify problems peculiar to our individual sites and to amend the sites guide to publicise the findings.

What is an incident?

Any occurrence that is an unplanned or forced deviation from your flight plan or an action that other pilots find questionable, should be considered as an incident. Deciding if that incident should be reported depends on who could benefit. If the incident is solely a poor decision, poor execution of a manoeuvre, or a simple mistake by the pilot, and that pilot realises the errors made and learns from them, then a report need not be made unless the pilot wishes to. An incident that is not individual specific, i.e. involving two or more pilots, regarding site conditions, take off/landing protocols, or any other wider concerns that have implications for anyone flying at our sites and could improve general safety, should be reported. Incident reporting is encouraged by the club, but is voluntary. The club allows pilots to report incidents anonymously if they desire. The club does not ignore the concerns of members who, although not involved in a particular incident, want to report that incident even if the pilot involved hasn’t. The aim of reporting is not to belittle an individual but to improve pilot proficiency and overall safety

Please report an incident you have witnessed or been involved in if it:

Involves injury, whether to participants or others.
Involves damage to property, third party or not.
May give rise to an insurance or legal claim.
Involves non-standard equipment or techniques.
Involves failed or malfunctioned equipment.
Highlights safety points or was unusual.
Is something you feel the sport may learn from.

BHPA Incident Report

It is a legal requirement and your duty as a BHPA member to report air incidents. Fatal or potentially fatal incidents must be reported to the BHPA, Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) and Police imediately. Serious incidents should be reported to the BHPA as soon as possible and in all cases an incident report should be submitted to the BHPA and EHPU within 48 hours using the following form. If you require guidance on how to complete this form, please contact a BHPA Technical Officer.

BHPA Technical Officers: 0116 289 4316 BHPA Office: 0116 289 4316 or

AAIB (24 hours): 01252 512299

Please use the form below to report any incidents, accidents or near-misses at any KHPA site or involving a KHPA club member.

Please note that incidents should also be reported to the BHPA. Details are available via the BHPA website

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