Carn Brea

Warning: All pilots should be aware that a top landing at this site is sometimes necessary. If you are not qualified or current in top landings you should take advice from a local club member or coach before flying.

Site Name: Carn Brea

Nearest Town: Redruth

O.S. Ref: SW 685 407

Lat/Lon: 50° 13′ 17″ N,   5° 14′ 46″ W

Wind Direction: NNW-N

Wing Type: HG & PG

RAF Ref: 3.004

Access: BHPA Members

Pilot Level: Pilot

Resident Club: KHPA

Club Contact:
Hang gliding – Graham Phipps 01209 842877 or 07785 593559
Paragliding – None

Site Warden: Graham May 01209 84 33 80

Site Description: A rough and rocky hill with holes and pits covered by gorse and ferns.

Altitude: 720 feet

Height Top to Bottom: 300 feet.

How to get there: Start from the village of
Carnkie (2 miles SW from Redruth – there are at least two other Carnkie villages in Cornwall) Proceed west and for the turning to the right sign posted Carn Brea.

Vehicle Access & Parking: Difficult but with due consideration for the public and leaving landing areas clear.

Rules and Restrictions:

Whilst Flying:

  • Do not unnecessarily hang around above peoples properties.
  • Respect people’s privacy and do not take photos of their properties.
  • Do not eject any material into any properties.
  • Do not shout down to any members of the public regardless of provocation.

Rigging Notes: Use common sense and consideration for others.

Marshalling: Use common sense and consideration for others.

Launch Notes: Assistance strongly advised in all but light conditions

Top Landing Notes: Beware rough terrain and hidden rocks and holes.

Bottom Landing Notes: The good news is that the bottom landing is flat and a good size. The bad news is that the northern and southern edges of the bottom landing field are bounded by power lines, trees and bushes. To ensure that you land between the power lines a crosswind landing may be required.

Hazards: Can be very turbulent in thermic conditions, does not ridge soar very well. The slope is covered with gorse, large boulders, holes & the occasional stone wall hidden by the undergrowth. If you decide to slope land you will probably spend a long time untangling your risers from the gorse.

Restricted Areas:

Airspace: This site is in a Military Low Flying Area. Down wind there is a MATZ and Culdrose ATZ

XC Tips: Check with Culdrose first. Good landing options behind, stop when you reach the coast!

Met Services: Dialmet is available for RAF St. Mawgan and RNAS Culdrose.

All information is for guidance only. All pilots must make their own assessment of the site.

Don’t Forget: Military Freephone for midweek flying. 0800 51 55 44

Red Arrows, Royal Flights and TRAs. 0500 35 48 02

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