Bulletin August 2012

Club Meeting

The next club meeting will be on Thursday 13th September at St Rumon’s

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Click here to view the minutes.

Photo Competition

Won again by Andy Rogers,who is obviously better at photography than landing a hang glider.


Adi Landing at Carn Brea


Quotation of the Month

” You have not had thirty years’ experience……You have had one year’s experience thirty times.”  J.L.Carr.

This could apply to any one of us who judges his  ability solely on the basis of flying hours. It’s not the quantity but the quality that’s important.



Eileen and Bill Northcott 

A message from Bill:~ Eileen had her op  on 25th July and is now recovering really well. Thank you all for lovely flowers  ( from the club) just received, very nice surprise. I last flew on 20th July and my culinary and  general household chores have improved no end !!! Matter of fact I hope to get to Perran tomorrow  (31/08/12) for  a quick flight or two but won’t be able to stay for long. In 2011 I had 103 hours air time, but this year,  what with the weather and Eileen’s op I only have about half that.  Still  there is still a fair bit of the year to go so I expect a few more hours will go in the log if weather permits between now and Christmas.  Bill & Eileen


Letter to the Air Ambulance

Please find enclosed a cheque for £100.00 from the Kernow Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

This is a small token of our appreciation for the excellent work and service you provide. As a ‘flying’ club, we have had to call upon you on several occasions, the most recent being at Godrevy where one of our members had an ‘unplanned’ meeting with the side of the hill, resulting in a suspected broken back. On all of these occasions, we have been impressed with your reaction times, professionalism and care.That pilot has made a full recovery and is intending to return to flying….thanks guys. A group of us  took part in the Runway Run-around at St Mawgan carrying our kit and a Hang Glider as a way of showing our support , we will continue to fund raise and promote the work of the Cornwall Air Ambulance, without your service a few of us would undoubtedly  not be flying today. We would like to offer an open invite to any of your organisation who are interested in flying, Hang Gliding or Paragliding and would welcome any of you to attend one of our monthly club meetings on the second Thursday at the St Rumon’s Social club in Redruth at 19.00 hrs.

Kind regards

Steve Dredge

Chairman KHPA

Training Courses. Anyone interested in attending 1) Coaching Course, 2) Pilot Exam Lectures 3) SIV Course, please contact me and I will pass your name on the the relevant organiser.

Parachute Repack.  This is usually held in February, I know it’s a long way off, but Nigel Waller is already making the  arrangements. If you want to attend, get your name down now. I will advise on cost when I know the figures.


The BHPA latest news release is here. the BHPA Bulletin is here. The events calendar is here, and the BHPA homepage is here.

The link to Skywings magazine is here.

The new edition (version 1.9 ) of the Elementary Pilot Training Guide has just been issued by the BHPA. It will be published in a hard copy soon, but for now it is available online here. It is worthwhile reading for all pilots just to refresh yourself of the basics.

Safety Issues

Saint Agnes. At the time of this bulletin the ‘No Fly Zone’ is still in force. DO NOT enter Perranporth airfield ATZ. See the site guide here.

Coaches. We are going to re-organise the structure of the Club Coaching system,in the mean time if you want help or guidance with any aspect of your flying or equipment, contact me and I will find the most suitable person to help you.

Site Guides. The site guides are being revised. Perranporth is the first to be finished. There are amendments to clarify the following:~ parking arrangements,keeping the take off/landing area clear,  making proper observations before initiating your launches, paraglider ground handling, making allowances for pilots training etc There is only one rule, and that is to ring Perranporth ATZ on arrival. It is better to ring them and not fly, than to be in the air and have forgotten to ring them. View the updated guide here and let me have your comments.

Video. I found this video on you tube (here) about a paraglider pilot experiencing a collapse. Two things about the incident are worth looking at. The pilots hands (in big gloves) were right through the brake handles and, in a situation where every second counts, the delay in getting his hand out of the brakes to get to the reserve may be crucial. If you fly with wraps and it takes you, say,three seconds to get your hand free, you may have lost the best part of 100feet. The second thing about the pilot’s actions is, when he actually got hold of the reserve handle, he never threw the parachute. He seemed to have enough height at that time, but he decided to carry on half flying down to a hard landing.



I did the Minutes for the last meeting, and there’s lots of stuff in there that really could have gone in here, so, read the minutes for August.

Coaches Course  Recollections from Nigel eagle on his Coaching Course experiences.

There’s talk of KHPA running a Club Coaching Course. My recollections are, in no special order:-
1. The variety of talks with feedback/ interaction from the assembled masses. Each of these is followed by a “game/ friendly competition” with people split into 4 groups if possible.
2. You’ll learn a bit about other flying skills/ needs, and how to help if necessary with take off/ landings sorting things out etc .So this in turn leads to better integration and understanding between differing pilots .
3. Probably the most important lesson is the art of asking Questions which will help you find out what he/she knows and understands . The other thing to take in is to keep the info short, don’t try to say too much at one time . Think how Graham tells the minimum to get you started then adds a bit more each lesson, at a pace he feels that particular person can absorb. Having a qualification of my own in teaching, I enjoy listening to his techniques. And part of that technique is asking the right Questions !
4. There’s also some very good advice on the right mental attitude before taking part in a competition.

Nigel Eagle, the youngest of these Three Musketeers, oblivious to the excitement of the monthly meeting, dreaming of the time he met Len Fairclough, from Coronation Street, at the local Lido.

Chairman’s Chat

Not so much a chat really as a few observations and a bit of blurb on the Kernow (non comp infiltrators) trip to round 3 of the B.O.S.

Observations firstly, last month’s meeting was typical of any club meeting anywhere in the U.K. for any number of clubs, be that Bowls, Golf, Frog Wrangling, Under water Knitting or Advanced Bandage and Knot tying. The usual faces were there and it ran to the usual format. We discussed the usual topics (again), some good ‘new’ ideas and forthcoming planned trips/courses were proposed, oh and thanks to those of you who volunteered or were press ganged to take those on. So why are OUR meetings worthy of mentioning then? And what makes us different to the Advanced Bondage and knot tying club, (not a lot  really, when you look at the flying suits and harness that some of us strap ourselves into!!!). Actually it’s a few reasons, it’s the topics, the club issues (or incidents),

Actually it’s a few reasons, it’s the topics, the club issues (or incidents), that some of our meeting throw up. The way we all put our points of view across, and the enthusiasm that some of us defend or champion our points of view. Lets face it without the discussions and ‘healthy debates’ our meeting would be a lot shorter, duller and we would have nothing to gossip about on the hill (and Nigel Eagle would miss out on his monthly 40 winks…I said winks) So what does that tell us then? well it tells me, that we all feel strongly enough about our sport to say something about the issues that effect it or us as club. My view is long may it continue. As result of some of these discussions we have raised money for charity, run various club courses, first Aid, club pilot, XC and our regular Reserve Re packs, and are about to embark on a programme of structured club coaching. Not to mention and more importantly, some Damn good socials and away trips.

In saying that though I have a had few request from a number of members to make our monthly meetings a tad shorter with slightly more emphasis on more informal get together, god knows it would make my job easier and Chris W would have less to write…suggestions for next month please…I see another mass debate ( yeah I know, rubbish attempt at innuendo)… on the horizon.


Round 3 of the BOS (by Sam Dredge age 8 ½)

Kernows newest member and Ozone team pilot, Sam D get to grips with his new harness

My Dad didn’t fool anyone, especially mum, and my sister, we all knew that his ‘family camping trip’ to Wales was just a thinly disguised excuse to go flying AGAIN, and while I mention Wales, that tall guy with glasses and the shiny head (dad calls him Coady) doesn’t know a lot about geography either, even I know that the Long Mynd is in England not Wales.

It took us seven and half hours in our van to get up to our campsite at Bishops Castle. We got stuck in a traffic jam.  I was o.k. though because I had my sister to annoy, but mum and dad soon got fed up with us arguing about the fact that cows are actually all the same size and its only because they are further away that they look smaller.

We still got there quicker than dad’s friends ‘Big Al’ ‘Adie’ and ‘Phil’ though, mum said it was because there was three of them in one van, with two ‘sat navs’ and no females to tell them which way to go.

Our campsite was great, we got there and met Andy and Sheryl, Graham and Fiona, Tim and James and a whole pack of dogs. I liked ‘saffy’ but I don’t think Andy did though, I heard him say he ‘would sell her given half the chance’ and one of Fiona’s dogs ate James’s cheese so I think he didn’t like that one either.

Mum and Dad put our tent up really quickly, but I think they must have talked a lot on the way up in the van, because when they finished they weren’t talking to each other…mum said it was because ‘dad always thinks he knows best…

Mum and Dad were a lot happier after dinner, they always are when they have had a glass of wine…and they were talking again so we were all happy.  They were mainly talking about how dad was going to ‘go over the back’ the next day. I have heard him ask mum if he could do this before, but she has always said ‘no!’ but this time I think he was talking about paragliding.

That night dads friends all went down the pub and didn’t get back until late, but when they did get back I think they were all happy because they were all giggling like the girls in school at play time.

The next morning I got woken up really early by one of dads friends, although I don’t think he likes him anymore, because I heard him call him a bad name, the same name he only uses on himself when he hits his thumb/finger with a hammer when he his building something for me.  I heard mum say ‘its half past five, half past five’ she said that a lot and then said a word that I think means that he was ‘a noisy man who didn’t know who his father was’. Dad told me later the man was called Phil and he was very excited because he was going flying, excited like I get on Christmas day, only I sleep in longer….

Dad went flying that day to Corndon Hill, when he got there the tall man with the shiny head and glasses was there, now he must be really important and have lots of friends, because when he stood on the hill and shouted, lots of other people gathered around him and listened to his words.

I remember Miss at school telling me about a man called Noah who gathered lots of people unto him and then he told them about the weather and the wind and to where they must travel. I think dad had got this guys name wrong!!!!

Dad and his friends looked at the hill and the big lumps of rock sticking out of it, the bottom landing field (I always laugh when dad says that) and the wind direction. Dads friend Adie took off first.

I like Adie, he makes me laugh, but he had a bad head that day because Noisy Phil had made him drink something called ‘Malibu’ the night before. The Malibu had made him feel very happy. My Nan is happy at Christmas, she likes ‘Malibu’ as well.

Dad went next and then Big Al and Phil, they all got really high apart from Adie who must have seen something interesting in the field at the bottom of the hill because he spent a lot of time in it.

Dad landed back on top and went to talk to Coady, who was still speaking to all of his friends about where they must go and the tasks they must perform along the way. Soon after most of Coady’s friends took off on their Hang Gliders.

A few were left on the hill, the man called Tim was one of them.  I think he was very busy though, because he was talking to lots of people and checking his equipment and re-checking his equipment a lot and generally ‘mooching’ around. I don’t know what a ‘Procrastinator’ is, but I heard dad tell Coady he thought Tim was one. Tim eventually took off and I saw him a short time later sitting on a fence at the bottom of the hill, not far from where Adie had landed, checking his equipment again.

I like him though because he doesn’t make his friend

Mark Woodhams drive very far to pick him up, which is very thoughtful because Mark is getting older and often forgets who he has to pick up and where from.

The other man left on the Hill was Andy, the man who wanted to sell his dog.  I’m not sure about him yet. He took off last and  he flew a bit further than Tim,.  I think he could have flown further still, but a big Oak tree got in the way and it slowed him down very quickly. I don’t think Sheryl was very happy with him and she kind of frowned at dad and his friends when they all sang a song about tying a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree for him later that night.

James was good as well, he isn’t much older than me and he can fly very well, in fact he can fly a lot better than some of dads friends, well he stays in the air longer and doesn’t hit anything!!

The next day it rained and rained.  I played baseball with a new baseball set that Andy and Sheryl bought me coz one of their dogs had eaten my other ball (I’m kind of understanding Andy’s views on dogs now, and I like him).

Because of the rain dad decided that we would go home.  The other people stayed in the fog and the rain, some of them flew some more but got very wet, some of them flew and went along way, but I think they all had a good time.

When I go back to school I’m going to speak to miss and ask her to tell me the story about the man on hill again, the one who gathers everyone about him and tells them about the weather and what they should do, and is she really sure of his name…one thing is for sure though, whoever he is, he was right about the weather…. it always rains at the B.O.S

Sam Dredge, age 8½

New Equipment

Flymaster GPS Review

Adie Chirgwin reports on his new GPS supplied by Cloud 9



This review is based on owning this produced for 3 months and it being my first GPS device. I have not used the navigation and waypoint feature as yet so cannot pass comment on it.

What’s in the Box?

The Vario, a case, USB lead and a few stickers. The only thing that is missing that I think they should include is a leg mount or harness mount, this I had to purchase separate for £23

Key features of the product

GPS, Airspace Map, Vario, Data Logger, 30 hours Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, 400 Waypoints, Airspace warning, glide angle, page triggers

What I liked about the product

Being able to view your flights in Google Earth and replay them (I used GPS DUMP for this)  

A flight track of a top to bottom from Carn Brea


The thing I like most about this Vario is that you can design your own screen layouts using the designer software; you can decide what you want, where and what size. You can save up to 15 different screen layouts that you can scroll as you are flying. If you want a simple vario on one screen an airspace map on another and a compass on another you can set it up that way.

What I didn’t like

As this is a new product on the market (mine is number 670) there are a few bugs which are being fixed regularly. I’ve had to update mine about 5 times since owning it, but it is a simple matter of connecting it to your computer and uploading the update. There is no user manual included only an online version and that’s not very informative. You also need to upload the airspace maps from the internet, which took me a while to figure out because of the different file formats.

You also need to be moving to use the compass because it uses the lat and long to work out which direction you are moving and not the direction the GPS is facing. (this is the same as most other GPS )       

Is it good value for money?

For a GPS combo device ideal for XC flying at £359.00, I think it is, for the same money you could buy the Flytec 6015 or the Brauniger IQ Basic GPS but they have not got all the features the Flymaster has. If anyone would like a demo or just a play with it you are more than welcome.

To get a full specification click here.

If you want to download the designer software to play around with page layouts you will need to connect the GPS first to the computer to get the drivers

 Adie Chirgwin 


Event Shelter

Chairman Steve has  been looking at this product and suggests it has uses for the club and it’s members in a number of different ways. It could be used by the club at local social events as an awning, hospitality space, refreshment marquee etc during the sweltering British summers. On away trips for much the same but additionally as overnight storage for hang gliders etc. I suppose it’s large enough for several people to sleep in. It is available with walls and groundsheet.  Steve  is going to discuss the purchase of one of these by the club at the next meeting. If the club buys one, he says it would be possible for members to have it for their own use at a small charge  and the club would then recoup the purchase cost. See the full specification here

Forthcoming Events

Mere Bash  Held on the 7th, 8th & 9th September at Mere Rifle range in Wiltshire ( 51° 6’0.91″N, 2°16’14.74″).Click here for AvonHPG website and all the details. Chairman Steve is intending to go up on Friday 7th. Contact him if you want to go. Also keep your eye on our website chat and Flying Today for updates.

First Aid

Does anyone want to write some articles on first aid? Let me know.

Adie made a valid point the other day regarding removing helmets from a casualty. He remembers when Coady had his incident at Godrevy, his helmet was removed. The advice to all is, in a serious accident, unless the casualty is having difficulty breathing, leave the removal of the helmet to the paramedics. Try to keep the casualty immobile to reduce the danger of further damage to spine or neck.

Paragliding DVD

I have several paragliding dvds if anyone is interested in borrowing them, let me know.

Novice Pilot  Ground handling techniques.   Paragliding Learn To Fly.    Starting Paragliding.   Paragliding Tutor.  Compilation from Internet.

Competent Pilot   Security In Flight.    Speed To Fly.  Paragliding Playground. Instability in Flight.   Never Ending Thermal. Broken Toe Acro.

Pilot Profile

Please send me your profile


The End